Mark has asked me to forward to all the Buzzards. Once again Washington State has decided that they know more than anyone about everything. I urge you to click on the bottom link and respond to your elected representative. I have even added this to mine…

“I have submitted my info to the FAA and received a number that my model air craft displays on them that is directly connected to my info. Having to publically display my personal info is as ridiculous as having your name and personal info on your personal vehicle, house or dwelling. As you (Honorable representative) should be aware, even personal full size aircraft only display an FAA number with NO personal info”. 

Everyone and anyone can submit a response. Please forward to your spouses, family members and friends asking for their support by responding.

This is our hobby, speak up for it,



Dear member,

The state of Washington is considering HB 1049 which violates federal authority and could be problematic for our members.

The proposed law would require all model aircraft to be prominently labeled with the owner's name and phone number. In addition to privacy concerns, this runs counter to FAA's guidance and harms our scale builder community. The bill also introduces regulations to the national airspace and incorrectly characterizes Section 336, the Special Rule for Model Aircraft.

Please visit to become familiar with the bill and to send a letter of opposition to your elected representative with just a couple clicks.

Thank you,

AMA Government Affairs Team.

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