•   January 2nd was the Freeze-In

•   Events published:

•   April 30th Night Fly Event 5:30pm.

•   May 14th-Boats & Floats Event 10:00am

•   June 4th – Field Work Party 10:00am

•   June 14th –Builders Contest (at regularly held
business meeting 6:30 pm)

•   June 18th–Open House/Auction 10:00am

•   July 23rd–Fun Fly 10:00am

•   August 13th –Model Aviation Day 10:00am

•   August 27th –Quads and Gliders 10:00am

•   September 18th –2nd Boats & Floats Event 10:00am

•   October 1st-Field Work Party 10:00am

•   October 11th – Rebuilders contest (at regularly
held business meeting 6:30 pm)

•   December 3rd – Christmas Party 3:00pm (held at
Camp Edwards Lodge)

•   January 7th–Freeze-in

•   Sharing/Learning programs almost every meeting

•   Immense Team Work and always outstanding camaraderie

•   March “Lost Plane Lane was started

•   Work party addressed low spots in the runway and added dirt

•   Burn Barrel added to field

•   T-Dock was moved back into position and anchored

•   Bank by parking area cut back 5 feet to allow better parking,
also area carved out of hillside for Frequency Board.

•   Frequency Board moved, Key holders placed, GPS Cordiant’s added,
Laminated Photos added

•   Charging Station Roof Added

•   Tables repaired and painted

•   A refrigerator was donated and placed in the barn

•   Field improvement steering committee formed

•   Carport purchased and placed South pit area.

•   Heli-pad installed

•   Lost-Plane Lane bridge complete

•   Bank by parking area cut back 6 to 8 more feet (Start of Phase 1)

•   Dirt moved to North end of runway and leveled

•   East edge of Runway brushed hogged 10 feet

•   Underlayment and Crush rock placed (area 1 and 2)

•   Flight Stations safety netting replaced

•   2nd Carport purchased