By Chet Blake
Photos by Ron Rueter

DJI Phantom Facts

DJI  =  Dajiang Innovation

This version is Phantom 1.1.1

Self tightening props

Upgraded transmitter

Gimble tilt control on back of transmitter

Upgraded receiver with dual antenna

Accend  =  6 m/sec  =  19.68 ft/sec

Decend  = 4.5 m/sec = 14.76 ft/sec

Horizontal = 10 m/sec  = 32.8 ft/sec = 22.3 MPH

Max tilt =  35 deg

Vertical Hold via GPS = +/- .8 m = 2.6 ft

Horizontal hold via GPS = +/- 2.5 m = +/- 8.2 ft

DJI Naza M V2 controller with these features…

Built in GPS


Magnetometer (compass)

Return to Home if signal is lost. It is crucial that it is homed every place you fly, otherwise it will go home to previous setting or just fly away.

Upon signal loss (either turning off transmitter for return to home or flying out of range, it will raise to 20 meter, hover 3 sec, fly straight to home position, hover up to 15 sec. descend, land and turn off motors.  If already higher than 20 meters, it will start the 3 sec. hover and then proceed as stated above.

IOC = Intelligent Operation Control

Home Lock (straight line back to homing position)

Corse Lock (quad will keep quad travelling is same direction regardless of its configuration.

Example. Good for photography of track runners and you want rear thru side and then turn for front view 

GPS and ATTI  (Attitude) Modes

GPS works along with the barometer, compass and leveling control to keep the unit hovering within it’s column of air and height, counter acts the wind and drift effects.

ATTI 1 mode (attitude) removed the GPS control and relies on barometer and the internal leveling control to stabilize it. Allows drift which produces smoother  videos. Requires manual inputs to counter act wind, horizontal and vertical drifting.

ATTI 2 mode removes all auto control except leveling and you have to fly it manually. This is also CALLED Agility mode on some other brands such as the 350 Blade and Walkera 350.

Flight times w/camera of 7 to 10 minutes

Comes with GoPro mount and anti-jello mount

I use Mobius Camera so I made a ¼-20 for tripod mount holder

Mobius can record in 1080P HD or 720P HD.

Shoot still either single or multiple stills at times of .25 .5  2  5  10 secs.

Motion detection or start on power on (dash cam operation).