My current build... a 300% enlarged Keil Kraft Cadet glider, 90" span. This will be my first attempt at covering with Fibafilm.  My Cadet glider is done!I like the Fibafilm stuff... looks just like doped tissue, only much stronger.
By Donald Bailey   ...More Info

This is the Hobby King FLYBEAM.  It is an EPP foam ARF that was designed for night flying with the inclusion of 131 High Intensity LED lights embedded throughout the fuselage and wing.
  By Rick Hanners  ...More Info

This is the Great Planes Ultra Sport 60 built from a kit.  It is powered by a Super Tigre .61 with a Tru-Turn 2 ¾” spinner swinging an APC 11x8 prop.
   By Rick Hanners  .
..More Details

This is the Hanger 9 Toledo Special 40.  It is powered by an Evolution 10cc GX gas engine that is equivalent in size and power to a .60 glow engine.  By Rick Hanners
 ...More Details

This is the Flyzone Tidewater Seaplane ARF.   Construction is Flyzone’s EPO AeroCell Foam.   The aircraft come complete with 4 installed servos (one for each aileron, one for the rudder and one for the elevator) plus a 30A ESC to run the 1300kV supplied outrunner motor.   .   By Rick Hanners
....more details

PT PROFILE Autogyro kit made by Flying Balsa.   Owner   Rick Hanners     ....more info

Golden Era 60 Kit built by Chet Blake.   It's powered by an Italian Super Tiger .61 .... more info

This is the SIG LT40 ARF Trainer.   It is powered by a GMS .47 glow engine with a DuBro spinner nut and swings an APC 10 x 6 propeller.   Owner: Rick Hanners           more details

This is the SIG Little Extra ARF that was designed by Herr Engineering.   Owner: Rick Hanners     more details...

This is the Pacific AeroModel ¼ Scale Clipped Wing Monocoupe ARF   Owner: Rick Hanners     more details...

This is the SIG Kadet Senior trainer.   80" wing span, easy to lean to fly.   ...more details

This is the Great Planes ElectriFly Fokker D7 ARF.   Owner Rick Hanners     more details...

Great Planes SpaceWalker. It is a quarter scale ARF that is eligible for IMAA events. It has a wing span of 79” with a total wing area of 1096 sq. in. Owner, Rick Hanners. more details...

This is the Wild R/C IFO Mk. 3. It is an indoor/outdoor extreme aerobatic aircraft. It has a wing span of 33.5” and a wing area of 589 sq. in. Owner, Rick Hanners.   more details...

Tom Pellerin with his Rascal 110.

This is the Graupner TIPSY. It is an all foam motorglider with a wingspan of 35" and a 29" length fuselage. All up weight is 302g (10.56 oz.) with is only 2g. over listed target weight. First flight lasted 22 minutes, with at least half that flight time due to the plane flying in a thermal. Flight was terminated due to cold hands! Owner, Rick Hanners.   more details...

This is the Graupner UHU. Owner, Rick Hanners. more details...

George Schmidt and his 4 Star 40 plane. Flies real nice. with a wing span of 57.75 inches, wing area of 604 sq. in., length of 47 inches and a weight of nearly 5 lbs.

Slowflyer time! This is the Dusk Stick from Mountain Models. The wing can be built in 3 different configurations - Owner Rich Hanners   more details...

This is a RFB 600 FanTrainer.   It is powered by a Webra Speed 50 with a Tornado 9-6 3-blade pusher prop. It weighs 9.15 lbs, has 700 sq in main wing area. This works out to 30 oz/sq ft. Despite the high wing loading, this model is easy to fly and is very manageable at slow speeds. A JR 8103 is used to control the model. Ron reports that this is one of the few model he owns that flew right off the building board with no trim changes!   Owner Ron Swift

This is the Voltair CUBE.   It is essentially a flying box kite but the actual dimensions of this craft were optimized and patented, to obtain maximum thrust and stability in the air.   Owner, Rick Hanners      more details...

This is a picture of Ronnie Draughn's Senior Telemaster. It has a 95" wingspan with a total of 1330 sq. in. of wing area. It is powered by a Thunder Tiger Pro 61

This is the WEDGIE from MM Glider Tech.   It is a 34” span flying wing with an all up weight of 15.5 oz. Made entirely of 2 lb. styrofoam and covered in yellow and blue packing tape. Powered by a standard Speed 400 with a Kontronik’s Rondo 400 ESC. The prop is the standard Gunther spoon prop that is used in the Zagi and other pusher designs. The battery pack is a standard 8 cell 600AE NiCAD pack. The plane’s electronics include a HiTec SuperSlim 8 receiver and 2 HiTec HS-60 servos. This plane is designed for speed and fast maneuvers. Typical flight times are 4 to 5 minutes. The wing is highly maneuverable on high rates, yet can be pretty docile once low rates are chosen. The wing can be flown low and slow but its forte is SPEED.   Owned and built by Rick Hanners.

This is Super Lazy Ace biplane. The wing span is 96" and it weights 26.3 pounds. It is powered by a Zenoah G62 with a custom tuned pipe. The covering is a combination of Century 21 Fabric and Monocote. Radio is a JR PCM10S FM system. The pilot is a stuffed duck.   This was the maiden voyage of the model.   Owner Ron Swift

This is a delta wing HLG called a CHINOOK. It is from Thermal Gromit Works and is made of styrofoam with an EPP foam leading edge.
Rick Hanners mentions that the two halves of the wings are held together by masking tape. All of the electronics are buried in the center of the halves of the wing. It is a very clean design and made specifically for flat land flying although its slope ability is great. The coloring is done with foam safe magic markers and then the wing is covered in a light weight clear tape. Easy to transport and to hand launch using a sidearm throw. Receiver is a JR 610M and has two MX-30 servos driving a set of elevons.

This is Randy Van Voorst's stand-off Hawker Typhoon from RCM plans. It has a wingspan of 72" . A Magnum 80 4-stroke for power. The model has yet to have its maiden voyage, but spring is coming!

Rick Hanners sent us a photo of his latest model, a Viper Twin from Jet Set Models. 55" wingspan, 33.2 oz. AUW, twin electric speed 400 motors controlled by a Castle Creations Pixie 20 ESC and powered with an 8 cell 1300ma battery pack. FMA Extreme 5 receiver and two MX-50 servos from MPI.

Full Scale or model? Dave Weber sent a picture of his latest project. This is a Cermark Pitts ¼ scale S-2B with an O.S. 1.08 fitted with a custom exhaust and smoke system. It is controlled with a Futaba radio with HiTec and Futaba servos. Empty weight 11 lbs. SuperCoverite covering with Coverite 21st Century paints (paint not recommended by Dave it cracks on fabric). Hanger 9 pilot.

Dave also sent this photo of the OS 1.08 CI 2-stroke engine install showing the custom muffler he made to fit under the cowl (which also has a smoke system on it).

David Bell's Rearwin Speedster

Tartan Super Twin powered Big Hots. The engine has an onboard glow system. The Dan Santich design weights just 19.6 pounds. To keep the cost of fuel down, the engine uses Ron's special blend of methanol and Klotz oil. The onboard tank is 40 oz... Good for 16 minutes of flight. Very powerful, and acrobatic, performing knife edge flight in either direction without much correction. Lands slow and easy.

This is Randy Van Voorst's Ford Fliver. He originally bought this ARF to take along to see his father in Iowa. (His father is a dyed in the wool Ford man). The wingspan is 54" and it is only 40" long from tip of spinner to tail. The short coupling makes it a little squirrelly, but fun. Randy mentions that he wished that his radio had expo (exponential) to make flying a bit easier, though.

RADAR, a Speed 400 Geared Sport Flyer from CSD. Built and flown by Rick Hanners.

Ron Swift's Lance Machine Design RV-3. This is a rare collector's item powered by a Saito 3.0 Twin 4-stroke (FA300TDP) . It weighs 24 pounds and has a 96-inch wing span. The model has an onboard glow system and flies about 10 minutes on the 24 ounce fuel tank. The engine produces awesome power and scale sound on the Cool Power 4-stroke fuel. The model is a capable flyer, but a little tricky to land, since it loves to glide and glide and glide during the landings.

Rick Hanners also sent in this photo of his FERR-O-PLANE, a 1/2A Combat plane, Norvel .074 powered, from Armadillo Hobbies

David Bell's Gee-Bee Model E

The Hangar 9 UltraStick built by Ron Swift weights 5539 grams (12.20 lbs), has a Saito 182 Twin 4-stroke engine and used a JR PCM10S for a radio system. Very capable plane, built with the quad flap option. See the construction article.

SILENT DREAM 2.5 - 98" wingspan electric powered sailplane from FVK Models, another model owned by Rick Hanners.

This is Hi TEK's Big Eliminator. It features a 82" main wing and weighs almost 17 lbs. The main wing has leading edge slots which assist in widening the flight envelope. This model can fly very slowly, but it can move along pretty well also with the Super Tigre 3250 (2 cubic inch) alcohol engine, custom stainless steel header and Macs muffled tuned pipe. The plane was built by Ron Swift.

This is Rick Hanners' RC Combat GREMLIN from RA Cores. 48" wingspan and weighting somewhere between 3 - 4 pounds. This plane is mainly used for sport flying and has an OS LA .40 engine swinging a 10x6 prop. Fuel tank is 6 oz giving about a 10 -11 minute flight. The wing was reinforced with a carbon fiber rod running the length of the bottom of the wing and light weight fiberglass epoxied to the wing. This has made the wing much stiffer than normal and prevents the mush type turns that can be evident at high speeds. The plane is covered with UltraCoat. The receiver is an Airtronics 6 channel FM with 3 standard Airtronics 102 servos. The servos were modified with the addition of EMS ball bearing support tops.

This a ARC kit made by MAT " The Leader of the Pack" . It has an 81 inch wingspan, weighs 21 lbs and is powered by a D& B 3.7 CI gasoline twin cylinder engine. The mufflers were custom designed by owner/builder Ron Swift. JR radio equipment is used with HiTec Servos. Black Baron 21st Century Fabric used for covering.

This is a HLG called a GOBLIN from Thermal Gromit Works. It has an EPP foam wing covered in a lightweight packing tape with carbon fiber tubes used as an internal spar. The fuselage pod is made of Kevlar, the tail group of balsa and the fuselage a light weight carbon fiber tube. Power comes from a 170ma NiMH battery pack, with an FMA extreme 5 receiver and two MPI MX-30 servos. All the electronics mount on a radio stick which is secured within the front section of the fuselage pod. The power switch is a Hollyday Designs Miniature phone jack. Wingspan 43 in., AUW 6.3 oz. Owned by Rick Hanners.

This is a Hanger 9 ULTRASTICK 40 ARF owned by Rick Hanners. It is powered by a Saito .65 4-cycle engine spinning a 12x6 APC prop. Wing span is 57.75" and weighs in between 5 - 6 pounds. The radio setup consists of a HiTec 7 channel receiver, 7 HS-425BB servos and 1100 ma NiCAD battery. Four servos are mounted in the wing operating ailerons and flaps. Using a JR8103 transmitter, the wing flight surfaces have 4 different flight modes programmed in: Normal ailerons, ailerons w/flaps, quad-flaps and crow (speed brake). See the  Construction article for this kit.

Zagi 400X from Trick R/C. This flying wing uses a standard speed 400 motor using the Trick/Aveox ESC for motor control. The prop is a Gunther plastic push on prop supplied in the kit. Power comes from an 8 cell 1700ma NiCAD battery pack. The radio receiver is a HiTec SuperSlim 8 with 2 HiTec HS-81 servos controlling the elevons. The plane is covered with colored packing tape with 3M Satin tape used to hinge the elevons.
Typical flight times are 12 minutes using reasonable throttle management. The Zagi 400X weights 26.4 oz. and can stay up just by riding rising thermal columns. Longest flight to date - 30 minutes (Owner Rick Hanners says the flight ended because the operator got tired of standing!)

This is the Kavan ProJeti. It is a one piece all foam airplane with a 32" wingspan and a 21" fuselage. A Speed 400 motor in the pusher configuration drives the plane by spinning a " standard" Gunther spoon prop. An 8 cell 600AE NiCAD battery pack supplies power for the motor and on board electronics. Receiver is an FMA Extreme 5, the two elevon servos are HiTec HS-60's and the ESC is a Castle Creations Sprite 25 with brake/BEC. The supplied covering in the kit consists of large decals that also provide the decoration for the plane. Finished weight comes in at 19.4 oz. Highly maneuverable and fast, with jet like flying characteristics. Only modifications were adding some clear packing tape over areas of the foam not covered by decals. Owner Rick Hanners.

This is the GWS Tigermoth. It is an all foam electric powered biplane based on the real plane of the same name. Owner, Rick Hanners. more details...

This is the Zagi FIXX from Trick RC. Owner, Rick Hanners.       more details...