SIG Kadet Senior ARF

SIG Kadet Senior ARF
Wingspan 80 inches
Wing Area 1180 Sq In
Fuselage Length 64- 3/4 inches
Flying Weight 6 - 6.5 lbs
Engine Saito 56 4 Stroke with an APC 11/7 propeller
Futaba 9CAP on Channel 23
5 Futaba 3004 standard Servos

This is my first airplane and trainer I used to learn to fly.  I had recently moved and ended up building the Kadet in the dining room table and the kitchen breakfast bar.

How am I going to hold the Rudder?

Still working out how to hold the rudder!
Painters tape of course!
Now, what next?
Power Plant
Mounting of servos is easy.  Lots of room.
Finished plane takes up most of the living room.  Had a few errors to correct after final inspection by my instructor Ron Swift.  Great experience building your first plane whether it's a kit or an ARF.