This is the Great Planes Ultra Sport 60 built from a kit.  It is powered by a Super Tigre .61 with a Tru-Turn 2 spinner swinging an APC 11x8 prop.  An exhaust deflector was installed on the muffler to direct goo away from the airframe.  A 16 ounce Sullivan fuel tank was installed with a three line setup so that no tubing had to be removed from the engine for refueling.  The radio system consists of an XPS 6 channel end pin 2.4GHz Nano receiver that is matched to an XPS JR style module that is plugged into a JR 12X MV transmitter.  The receiver drives 4 HiTec HS-300BB servos (1 rudder, 1 elevator, 1 throttle and 1 aileron).  Power to the system is provided by a 2 cell 1100ma A123 Lithium ferrite nanophosphate (LiFe) battery pack.  The plane was customized by the installation of 2 Slimline pilot figures (Pamela & Goose) and an XPS Tattletale which monitors the voltage level of the battery pack.  Wing span is 61.5 with a wing area of 707 sq. in..  Overall length is 55.5" with an all up weight of approximately 7 pounds and a fully symmetrical airfoil.  3 tires were put on in order to help with prop clearance and to allow the model to run easier on a grass runway.

    The plane was built by Dave Bell and I inherited it from him with the engine included.  I made some equipment changes such as a bigger tank, spinner, electronics, pilot figures, etc., but otherwise the airframe remained as I received it.  It is obvious that the kit is very solid with lots of built in strength, unlike most of the ARFs that most of us assemble these days.  The plane is extremely smooth in flight and responds quickly to stick inputs.  It is fully capable of most any kind of aerobatic maneuver and has no evidence of tip stalling.  The plane flies equally well at high speed, cruising speed and low speed.  Landings are pretty much a no brainer with no bad habits that Ive noted in the numerous landings Ive made with the plane.  This is the first Super Tigre engine Ive ever used and it starts amazingly easily.  Tuning was not an issue at all and the engine responds rapidly to any throttle changes.  The rather large muffler gave me a bit of a pause at first but it quiets the engine very well and doesnt seem to affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft.

Owner - Rick Hanners