Aircraft Details

Graupner UHU

This is the Graupner UHU. It is an electric powered glider. Wing span is 75 with a wing area of 500 sq. in.. All up weight is approximately 50oz..The fuselage is a tempered ABS plastic which is quite strong but heavy also. A Graupner 7.2v Speed 600 electric motor spins a 12x10 Graupner folding prop. The speed control is an FMA Digipulse 30 and uses a 7 cell 1000ma battery pack made of 1000AR cells which have an extremely low internal resistance. As this is a sailplane, power for the electronics is provided by a separate SR 325ma receiver pack. The receiver is an FMA fortress with two Standard Royal Servos. This sailplane was purchased back in the 80s and represented at the time, one of the most successful entry-level electric models being sold. It also helped to set the niche direction of a very successful hobby company, Hobby Lobby, which at the time was being driven towards going out of business by the massive success of Tower Hobbies. The original motor/prop combination did leave something to be desired but that was really a reflection of available technology. In the near future, the plane is going to be essentially gutted and retrofitted with more modern and lighter electronics, motor and speed control. Owner Rick Hanners.