Aircraft Details

Graupner TIPSY Owner, Rick Hanners.

This is the Graupner TIPSY. It is an all foam motorglider with a wingspan of 35" and a 29" length fuselage. All up weight is 302g (10.56 oz.) with is only 2g. over listed target weight. A Graupner Speed 280 Race motor in the pusher configuration, drives the plane by spinning a Graupner 4.7x2.4 Cam folding prop. A 7 cell 720ma NiMH battery pack is used to power the motor, receiver and servos. The Electronic Speed Control (ESC) is a GWS GS100 with a Brake, which helps fold the prop when power is cut. The receiver is an FMA Extreme 5 with 2 HiTec HS55 servos used to drive the elevator and rudder. Once assembled the plane consists of a canopy, wing with power pylon and a fuselage. The wing mounts to the fuselage with a single nylon bolt and the canopy slips into place on installed dowel rods. The upper wing, fuselage and canopy were lightly spray painted with Testors enamel spray paint. The underside of the wing was reinforced with two strips of 3/4" wide strapping tape. Decals as seen, were supplied in the kit. The battery will eventually be replaced by 2 two cell lithium polymer battery packs hooked up in parallel. This will provide a 2040ma battery pack for the same weight as the current 720ma NiMH pack.  First flight lasted 22 minutes, with at least half that flight time due to the plane flying in a thermal. Flight was terminated due to cold hands! Owner, Rick Hanners.