Tidewater Seaplane
by Rick Hanners

In addition, the aircraft comes equipped with a Tactic 6 channel receiver that can be used with the AnyLink RF module or any Tactic 2.4GHz transmitter.  I opted to replace the ESC with a Castle Creations Phoenix 35 as I had a bit more faith in it plus it can be programmed using the Castle Link.  In addition, I replaced the Tactic receiver with an XPS 2.4GHz 6 channel Nano receiver.  The plane is controlled by my JR 9303 transmitter using an XPS transmitter module.  I am using a combination of various 3s LiPo batteries with varying capacities ranging from 2100 – 2500ma, to power the aircraft.  The hardest part of the “construction” was the installation of the prop/spinner combo as it required you to prevent any movement of the output shaft while tightening the prop nut.  This did require using some long nosed special pliers to insure this happened.  Wing span is 41.5” with a length of 36” and an overall weight of approximately 31 ounces.  The supplied prop is a 9 x 4.5 with special tips.  Construction was unique in that essentially everything bolted together with screws and no glue was necessary.  Rick Hanners