Aircraft Details


This is the Great Planes SpaceWalker. It is a quarter scale ARF that is eligible for IMAA events. It has a wing span of 79” with a total wing area of 1096 sq. in. This is one of the few instances where the plane was not weighed, but it should be in the 8 – 9 lb. range. The plane is powered by an OS .91 4-stroke engine, equipped with a fuel pump. The engine swings an APC 14x8 prop.
The electronics include a HiTec Supreme 8 channel receiver, a HiTec 605BB servo for the rudder and standard Airtronics servos for the elevator, throttle and each aileron. Power is supplied by an 1800ma SR Batteries 4-cell pack. The fuel tank was replaced with a Hayes 16 oz. fuel tank.
Fueling is accomplished via a PSP Manufacturing fuel dot. This allows concealment of the fuel line and does not require that the fuel line be removed from the carb inlet nipple to fuel.
The landing gear wire is of a poor quality, so it was strengthened with bracing wire and springs. The included tail wheel was replaced by a CBA tail wheel assembly, which provided greater support and avoided possible damage to the rudder. All hardware was replace with either a Dubro or Sullivan equivalent. The ABS cowl was found to be adequate but it developed cracks within 2 flights. A new fiberglass cowl from Stan’s Fiberglass has been procured and will replace the original. Construction quality of the model was excellent. A few reinforcements were added to the structure. The most extensive being beneath the wing hold down bolt holders. The holders are simply screwed to the sides of the fuselage and do not sit flush with the top of the wing. As a result, if the bolts are over tightened, the sides can bow in. Several pieces of plywood were added for strength and cured this problem. For such a large aircraft, the plane is very nimble. If told to turn, it does so and NOW. About 35% expo was added to the aileron and elevator throws to cut down on the sensitivity.
The plane is quite capable of lots of aerobatics yet is basically a floater when landing. A Capt. Eddie pilot figure from Ace R/C provides just the right touch for this barnstorming model. Owner, Rick Hanners.