Aircraft Details

    This is the SIG Little Extra ARF that was designed by Herr Engineering.  It is powered by a Norvel .074 glow engine with a 1.5Ē spinner and swings an APC 6 x 3 propeller.  The kit is supplied with a 2 ounce tank which allows about 7.5 minutes worth of flight time at constant wide open throttle but with throttle management flight time can stretch to almost 10 minutes.  The radio system consists of a JR R610UL 6 channel FM receiver which drives 5 servos (2 aileron, 1 throttle, 1 elevator and 1 rudder).  The aileron servos are HiTec HS45ís while all the other servos are HiTec HS55ís.  SIG recommends HS55ís for all control surfaces but while having a bit less torque, the HS45ís have a more robust gear train and pot, so were substituted for the HS55ís to drive the ailerons.  Power for the system is supplied by a 750ma 4 cell NiMH battery pack.  The model was customized by the addition of a small pilot figure and custom N number vinyl decals.  Wing span is 36.5Ē with a wing area of 344 sq. in..  Overall length is 34.75Ē with an all up weight of approximately 25 ounces.  

    The model is fairly lively in the air and can perform almost any aerobatic maneuver except perhaps for a long knife edge.  The model has a lot of power but not unlimited vertical performance.  One surprise is its ability to take off from our grass field with no problems.  This is due to the wheel pants which act as a kind of ski on top of the grass plus due to their length, help prevent the model from tipping over on its nose, including during landing.  The kit had the misfortune of being designed around the Norvel .074 engine.  Nothing wrong with the engine but within a year of the release of the kit, Norvel stopped producing engines and their availability quickly dried up.  The kit however, was easily adapted for electric flight and many were built and flown with that option.  The ARF was well designed and had the SIG quality that most modelers expected from SIG.  The only thing about the model that I didnít like was the Aerokote Lite covering that they used.  It did not adhere very well, couldnít be ironed back on and a lot of the decorative trim on the model that was made from the same material, would lift and peel off once it had seen any oil residue from the engine.  As with most things, SIG eventually dropped this ARF from their lineup to the dismay of the small airplane flier crowd, myself included.