Aircraft Details



This is the Wild R/C IFO Mk. 3. It is an indoor/outdoor extreme aerobatic aircraft. It has a wing span of 33.5 and a wing area of 589 sq. in.. All up weight came to 12.5 oz.. The aircraft is made from an all carbon fiber rod airframe that is covered by rip stop nylon.
The radio equipment is mounted to wood platforms that glue to the carbon fiber rod body. The airframe is held together with Kevlar thread and CA.
The aircraft is powered by a Razor 400 brushless electric motor that mounts into a GWS 300c D ratio (6.6:1) gearbox. The motor/gearbox spins a GWS 12x6 prop via a Castle Creations Phoenix 10 brushless speed control. An 8 cell 800ma NiMH flat pack purchased from All e RC powers the system.
A Berg 5 receiver with an Azarr base loaded antenna is used with two GWS Naro +HP/BB servos. The servos are programmed to provide elevon control, with throws of up to 40. There is no rudder control.
Flight time from launch to low voltage cutoff (LVA) is 17 minutes. The aircraft will easily perform 3ft. inside and outside loops, 360 rolls, sustained inverted flight, touch & goes plus slow lazy flying by pulling back on the throttle stick. The aircraft is also capable of hovering, although without a rudder it is more of a challenge.
The carbon fiber rod airframe makes the aircraft fairly crash resistant. The plane crashed into a concrete floor once while doing a very low loop. No damage to the aircraft. This plane is so highly maneuverable that it just begs you to push the envelope with it. Owner, Rick Hanners.