Aircraft Details

 Power is supplied by a Hacker A20-22L outrunner motor with a Kv of 924 and swinging an APC 10 x 3.8 prop.  The motor is controlled by a Castle Creations Thunderbird 18 and powered by a Thunder Power 1320ma 3 cell Lipo battery.  All servos are HiTec HS55?s that are connected to a Castle Creations 7 channel receiver on 72MHz.  The model has been enhanced by replacing the supplied kit guns with a set of Spandau guns built from Wright Bros. gun kits.  The fuselage has had custom period decals applied, the pilot was hand painted and the molded in engine was detailed.  In addition the kit ABS cowl was replaced by molded fiberglass cowl purchased on line from a fellow modeler.  The wing span is 39" with an overall weight of approximately 26 ounces.  Despite the large diameter wheels, due to the thinness of the tires, the model is very difficult, if not impossible, to get rolling on our grass field.  Once in the air the flight time is about 8 minutes and the model is extremely nimble for a biplane.