This is the Hobby King FLYBEAM.  It is an EPP foam ARF that was designed for night flying with the inclusion of 131 High Intensity LED lights embedded throughout the fuselage and wing.  The plane comes with a 950 KV brushless motor and a 30 A ESC.  Also included are four (4) 9 gram servos (2 ailerons, 1 rudder and 1 elevator).  The radio system consists of an XPS 8 channel receiver that is matched to an XPS JR style module that is plugged into a JR 12X MV transmitter.  Power is supplied by a 3 cell 2100ma Hyperion battery pack.  The lighting system has been enhanced in two ways.  First, a small brushed ESC was used to switch on/off all of the 131 LEDís embedded in the plane.  This is controlled by a 3 position switch that can turn the lights off, about Ĺ way on and fully on.  When turned fully on, the lighting system included an LED strobe light within each wing tip.  Second, a High Intensity Blue LED disc consisting of 16 LEDís, was mounted to the bottom of the plane just in front of the landing gear.  This is also controlled by a small brushed ESC that is controlled by a 2 position switch.  The LED disc is extremely bright and can be turned on as a landing light when needed.

The supplied 3 bladed prop was abandoned in favor of a 2 bladed 11x7E APC electric prop and a red Hyperion electric plastic spinner.  In addition, the small wheels were replaced with ones that are approximately 2.5Ē to help with flying from a grass field.  The plane has a wing span is 43Ē and fuselage length of 35.5Ē.  Overall weight without the battery is approximately 39.5 ounces.  Assembly was pretty straight forward.  One issue was the use of Velcro to hold in place some components.  The Velcro worked fine but its adhesive backing had a hard time staying attached to the EPP foam surface due to the inherent smoothness of the foam and probably some mold release.  The problem was solved by roughing up the affected area with sandpaper and then cleaning with alcohol.  Treating the foam surface this way also helped with the use of epoxy to assemble both the wing halves and mounting the stab/rudder.

Iíve had no issues with the lighting system or the use of the brushed ESCís to control the LED lights.  The plane flies well and doesnít seem to have any bad characteristics.  It isnít a speed demon or an aerobatic plane.  Others have modified the wing to install flaps which probably would help with landings as it isnít really a floater but it isnít hard to land and Iíve had no issues doing so.  Night flying is a bit spooky if you have never done it.  Starting to do this sort of flying at dusk will help to build confidence.  Nice plane for the price and there really isnít anything like it out there in the market.

Rich Hanners