Aircraft Details


Trick RC Zagi Fixx

This is the Zagi FIXX from Trick RC. It is an electric powered flying wing that was produced as a Park flyer. Wing span is 40 with an all up weight of 10.04 oz.. A GWS IPS motor in a GWS # 2 gearbox with a ratio of 3.5:1 provides the propulsion. The motor spins an 8 x 4.3 GWS prop via a Zagi 5A electronic speed control that has no brake but does have a BEC circuit that powers the electronics. The plane uses a 370ma 8 cell NiMH battery pack. The receiver is an FMA Extreme 5 Dual Conversion receiver with 2 HiTec HS-55 servos to drive the elevons. The plane is molded out of a new type of foam that Trick RC calls Z-Foam. When the parts come out of the mold, the surface is entirely smooth unlike Styrofoam or EPP foam. The entire foam core is covered it a two tone Urethane coating which also makes up the living hinges for the elevons. Flight times averaged 9 minutes but should increase perhaps another 2 minutes as the NiMH battery pack is used more (this behavior is typical of NiMH batteries). The plane has stunning looks but does not really meet Trick RCs promise of it flying like a Zagi. The plane is highly maneuverable but due to the limitations of its power plant and basic design, it has problems doing a proper loop from level flight and was unable to perform a roll, even with the battery pack fresh off the charger. An interesting plane that does not appear to live up to it expectations. Owner; Rick Hanners.