Model Details

Slowflyer time! This is the Dusk Stick from Mountain Models. The wing can be built in 3 different configurations - a polydihedral, a 42" dihedral or a 49" extended dihedral wing. Extra wing kits can be purchased for $18, making all wings available to the modeler for a minimal price. This particular model has the 42" dihedral wing. It is powered by a GWS "A" motor/gearbox combination and spins a GWS 10x4.7 prop. Power is supplied by a 7 cell 370maH capacity NiMH battery pack. On board radio gear consists of an FMA Extreme 5 receiver and two HiTec HS55 servos. Total weight is 8.5 oz. The kit is totally laser cut and builds extremely fast. The kit includes a set of plans and a 17 page building manual. Excellent wood. The plane is covered with SoLite by Solarfilm, the same thing as Nelson LiteFilm. Owner; Rich Hanners