Aircraft Details

Voltair CUBE Owner, Rick Hanners.

This is the Voltair CUBE. It is essentially a flying box kite but the actual dimensions of this craft were optimized and patented, to obtain maximum thrust and stability in the air. Wing span is 19.25 with a total wing area of 784 sq. in.. The entire craft is made of yellow rip stop polyester and carbon fiber rods. There is a brass fuselage upon which the motor assembly and electronics mount. All up weight using the standard 8 cell 280ma NiMH battery pack, is 7.79oz (221g). A GWS IPS motor in a GWS B gearbox (7:1 ratio), spins a 11x4.7 GWS slo-flyer prop. The Electronic Speed Control is a Maxx 9208, which is capable of handling 8 amps and has no brake. The receiver is a full range single conversion Berg 5 with a single MPI MX-30 servo used to move the entire motor assembly from side to side for thrust vectoring, resulting in the craft turning left or right depending on stick movement. Climbing is obtained purely from power. Holding the throttle stick between 60 70% will result in a power level to sustain level flight. Increasing the throttle allows the CUBE to climb. While the CUBE can fly outdoors, wind much over 5 mph results in too much pushing of the craft due to it large surface areas. Flight times average about 5 minutes with the stock 280ma NiMH battery, however, this power supply will soon be replaced by 2 two-cell 700ma Lithium Polymer, second generation, battery packs. This will give a total capacity of 1400ma and weigh the same as the single stock battery pack. First flight out at the field with moderate wind showed good climbing ability and response to the thrust vectoring. The wind did tend to push the craft around but it never felt like control had been lost. Next flight to be conducted at an indoor flying session with the Barn Owls. Owner, Rick Hanners.