A list of small and large projects that need to be tackled.  Nothing says that these or other project have to wait until the May work party the is still time to choose one grab a buddy and help out. Once completed or Started let Mark know and he will cross it off the list

    1. Add Storage Shelving and Orginize the Container

    2. Work on car and Tank tracks. Crawler tank may move to barn hillside.

    3. Mount a Awning to the drivers stand

    4.Overseed the runway

    5. Add Stairway from the lower to car track area

    6. Seed the picnic area

    7. Touch up flight tables, Clubhouse

    8. Build and repair safety fences

    9. Build serving table near BBQ area

    10. Reinstall awning covers (April-May weather depending)

     11. Fretilize the field

     12. Install new Windsock



Do you have a project in mind?  Share it with a Board Member