A list of small and large projects that need to be tackled.  Nothing says that these or other project have to wait until the May work party the is still time to choose one grab a buddy and help out. Once completed or Started let Mark know and he will cross it off the list

    1. Prepare porta Potty base. Using Pavers from Brian Reightly

                          Bricks are delivered and the old Porti-pottie has been moved.  Setting the Bricks and Building the Porta-potties still needs to be done

    2. Work on car and Tank tracks. Crawler tank may move to barn hillside.

    3. Find break in pipe by clubhouse and repair.  (Complete)

    4. Install Awnings on Shelters 3 of them. (2 are installed - Car track area still needs installing)

    5. Clean up garbage around field.

    6. Burn pile for old pallets and wood scraps. (Complete)

    7. Sort broken chairs and add to trash pile for dump run.

    8. Brush whack hillside and Mound at the end of the runway. (Started)

    9. Move large rocks from old barn area, so we can start keeping it mowed. (Started - Grab a couple at a time and add to the pile)

    10. Brush whack blackberries by entrance road. ( Started)

     11. Phase 1 of adding gravel ( 90% Completed- Waiting for it to settle. It has added Parking in barn area)

     12. Phase 2 of adding gravel south area around container and turn a round area.
     13. Remove the mound of Blackberries North of Runway
    14. Add stairs from lower field to upper car area.

    15. Paint Flight tables (Weather permitting)

    16. Serving area table

Do you have a project in mind?  Share it with a Board Member