Hello BBMAC Member and Friend,

I am excited to send this invite to all of you, members and friends old and new. It is to The Barnyard Buzzards Annual Pot Luck Christmas Party on Saturday, December 2nd at 3:00 PM.

Our hope is that the tradition will continue for the Club, its families and friends. YES, bring friends! Itís a potluck, so bring a dish to share with everyone AND you get to share what others have brought. The Club will provide refreshments such as water, soda & hot drinks. Please keep in mind that we will be on Boy Scout Property so NO alcoholic beverages permitted.  

There will be a gift exchange. Guy buys guy gift (R/C or shop oriented), gal buys a gal gift. $15 limit preferred. Should you not feel like participating in the exchange, please feel free to not do so.

This will be held once again at the Camp Edward Lodge/Dining Hall thanks to the continued generosity of the Chief Seattle Boy Scout Council. We separated the business meeting from the social Christmas Party. This allows more mingling, camaraderie and socializing, setting a true Christmas event. The Dining Hall is up on the hill to the south of the field. When approaching the field on Monroe Camp Rd, turn right at the Camp Edward sign, drive up the hill, turn right again at the parking sign. The walkway to the east goes to the Dining Hall. If you prefer, you can drive straight up the hill to the dining hall, drop off your pot luck dish, dinner guests and take your vehicle back to the parking area.

Please attend, mingle and enjoy some stories and all around camaraderie. The Club looks forward to seeing you there.

Chet Blake

2017 BBMAC Secretary