Hi All,

 For those that were not at the last meeting, I wanted to let you know that Vice President Jim Reynolds reported that the Arlington Eagles have generously given our club permission to use their field to fly at while we develop the new site.  The field is located at the intersection of 249th St NE and Highway 530, about a mile out of Arlington.   

There are a number of things to be aware of if you go there to fly as an individual or as a group:  

1.  DO NOT fly behind their flight line as they have some issues with a neighbor who lives off in that direction.  You shouldn't fly behind the flight line anyway but this is something that is important to them.

2.  There is a signup sheet in their shed and they would like anyone who uses the field to sign in.

3.  They have a frequency board and they would need you to use that.

4.  Don't fly over the big gray barn there or other building that are near the field.  The property is owned by the school district and they want to keep good relations with the school district.

5.  Fly within their field limits.  As I understand it, the largest open space is to the North East, probably similar to what we had at Dale's old field.

There is going to be no fee of any sort for letting us use the field, they are just being very generous in a time of need for our members.

Jim Reynolds also reported that there is a lock on their gate.  The combo was supplied at the meeting but I'd rather not broadcast it in an email.  If you decide you want to go fly up there, please contact Jim Reynolds (contact info below) to get the gate combo, directions and any other possible information he can provide, such as the phone number for the Arlington Eagles President, who also can provide the combo and further info.  

Jim Reynolds  360.435.9662

 Rick Hanners, Club Secretary