President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Guests, and Club Officers.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Ron Swift

Secretary – Steve Higgins Via Zoom.

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Vince Bell

11 Members were in Attendance and Steve H was on Zoom. There were no guests.

Minutes from January meeting approval: Motion was made, 2nd and passed.


President: Covered in New Business:

Vice President: The Night Fly event coming Up on March 11th Ron is planning on getting some food prepared around 5pm. If you want to volunteer to help Ron, please contact him directly. On the 25th we have the Cars and Truck Event. In April is the NW Model Hobby expo.

Secretary: 36 of 56 Members Have renewed for 2023. Dues are due by the end of the March Meeting to avoid the $25.00 late fee.

Treasurer: Good Shape. All bills are paid!

Safety Officer: No News is good news… Vince was talking about a time he was adjusting the carb one of his planes and he hit the hot muffler. This caused him to react and pull his hand into the spinning prop! 17 stiches later and Vince learned a lesson to be more careful when working around a live motor. Be careful when you are working around a spinning prop,

The question was asked about some of those chain mail gloves. Not sure how that would protect against a spilling prop at 3000rpm. Ron Told a story about getting his coat stuck into a prop. So make sure you don’t have loose articles of clothing as this can be dangerous as well.

Field Manager: As soon as it warms up, we will get the fertilizer down… We are a few weeks away from mowing. It just needs it to dry a bit.

Newsletter Editor: Ron handed out copies of the November Newsletter. Please send Ron/Mark pictures so we can publish them on the website.


Historian Possibilities? Ron was trying to get ahold of Doug. Mark talked with Doug and all of our incorporation paperwork was in the old “Notebook”.


AMA Rep Called and they are in the process of working on the FRIA. We have started the process on the main field, and then add the lake location, after we have completed the main field Fria.

It was mentioned that with the AMA to fly at night you needed to take a class to fly at night. Some of the rules are restrictive, but there should be some exceptions. We will address this with the AMA.

Ron mentioned Phil and the RC University, Ron will discuss this with him during the RC Expo in April.

The Scouts have a Electrical Permit in hand and are working on getting the power pole installed. Mark has have offered to assist as needed.   It was noticed that the pole between the two small houses is also in the process of having a new power pole installed. Mark Will keep the club informed.

Over the past couple of weeks Steve Higgins has been emailing you about the CrashTestHobby Wings… There are a few guys have purchased a flying wing to build as a group. Should be fun!   Steve Higgins is the contact and if you are interested contact him. It was also talked about a group build when they come in.

Go over the latest Survey and explain findings:

    Mark talked about Survey Monkey and the survey he sent only returning 10 responses without paying a large cost. He will resend out another

email requesting input regarding the change, we do have a couple of months before everything needs to be finalized.

Looks like we will have meeting on Saturday, the question will be timing and how to work around events.

Event dates for Combat and Heli switch? There is a conflict with a major heli event that most of our guys attend.

Club agreed to a change of dates.  Steve has offered to CD the Combat event.

    Ron is looking for Contest directors, do we have anybody willing to take up an event? Ron Asked to have 1 or 2 people as CD just as a backup.

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, contact Ron Swift.

    Mark agreed to CD the Car event.


SHOW AND TELL: Jim Stewart brought in his foam planed modeled after a balsa kit. Looks nice and we can’t wait to see it fly.

PROGRAM: LED lighting- Ron Swift and Ron Beba made a video on LED lights and how to add them to planes. Mark will place the video on the Web. They also brought some samples to share and experiment with.

ADJOURNMENT: adjourning the meeting 7:35