President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:37 pm

Introduction of Officers and guests: 15 Members, Zero Guests, and One Member (Craig) were on the Zoom Feed.  Some of the Buzzards Wives were also in attendance, Sandy DuVall, Melinda Weber, Sharon Beba, and Chris Bell were ready for the fun!

President – Mark Weeks  

Vice President – Paul Dibble  (Absent)

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom


Minutes from November Meeting approval: The motion was made, to accept minutes as posted, was 2nd and passed.



President:  Will be covered in new business.

Vice President: (Mark Reporting for Paul ) January 7th Is the “Freeze-In” starting at 10 am. We have planned Fire Pits, Heaters, and 2023 Freeze-In patches for those who show, pilots or otherwise.   Rob Beba finally volunteered to cook for us at the Freeze-In.   It’s a lot of fun and it’ll probably be cold.

Secretary:  We Currently Have 58 Members in good standing.    21 Members have paid for 2023 .We have 15 members whose AMA Expires in the next 22 Calendar Days, so be sure to check your AMA status. [You’ll need the AMA membership to fly in the Freeze-In] Toward the end of the year, I’ll reverify AMA membership and send messages to those who are close to expiring.  Roger Young recently joined as the newest member, Roger is in the Navy and has recently been deployed at Naval Station Everett.   He was out Sunday, and he’s a smooth and excellent pilot. Some 3D might be involved  .

Treasurer:  Bank Accounts are Good… We are in the Black.

Safety Officer:  Because of the Cold and Wet weather… You could lose your plane. Be prepared for the cold/wet…   Don’t venture out there by yourself.  Stay safe!  Jay mentioned that he had a severe reduction in flight time with battery-powered planes the last time he was out at the field.  There was at least a 30% drop in battery usaage.   It’s best to keep them in a hand warmer to keep them warm while at the field.  Mark talked with Chet it’s starting to get cold in PA… and he did a talk about battery power for his clubs.

Field Manager:   Two weeks ago, it was very snowy… the county plowed the road all the way to the gate.   Roads are still slick, so drive carefully. Remember there was a white car stuck in the ditch on the way out the field last winter. Both Lawnmowers are in Storage for the winter. The container is locked up with a new lock that’s harder to cut. The new lock is a bit tricky… just be patient with it, and you’ll get it open.

Newsletter Editor:  Ron brought copies of the Newsletter.   Please be sure to send Ron/Mark pictures so we can publish them on the newsletter/website.   Ron was highlighting a picture he took of Santa and Snoopy as the “Red Baron” in Monroe.

Steve and Phil Tallman’ from the AMA are also looking for an article for the AMA information so if you have an idea for this lets work on it and see if the AMA can use the article.


Elections:    Ballots for the 2023 Board were handed out to those who didn’t vote online.

And the 2023 Board is:  

   President: Mark Weeks

   Vice President: Ron Swift

   Secretary: Steve Higgins

   Treasurer: Dart Sharp

   Safety Officer: Vince (Grumpa) Bell.

   Special Service Award: Ron Swift

We surely thank Jason and Paul for their work all year long. These aren’t difficult jobs, but they take some time.   Thank You Very Much.


Survey Monkey has changed how they do business… They will charge $100.00 per month in 2023, so we aren’t going to do that.     We will have to figure out some website code or a way to do this next year.   

Mark Arranged to get the Special Service Award to Ron. For engraving.



Event Survey:  No Events have been scheduled yet. The survey was just fact-gathering.    We wanted to get information so the new board can get together a schedule to prepare for the new event year.   The survey was sent out because it was the last day for the free survey.

Top 7 Events.  Fun Fly, Boats, Gliders, Combat, Tanks, Night Fly, Charity Auction.  The auction is a given must do! The board will get to the lists, put together a schedule, and present it for approval next month at the January 10th meeting.

The awnings are down, and we should purchase a new one when they go on Sale.   Mark Missed the Black Friday Sale last week.   Keep an eye on sales at Harbor Freight.


Michael C:  Working on the door for the clubhouse.   Michael needs to hang the track, paint, and mount.   He will be out Thursday weather permitting, to mount the track and hang the door.    Ron talked about the decision Michael about hinged or sliding door choice, the sliding door just made more sense to install.  Mike asked if we wanted to lock it…   For now, locking it might just invite people to get nosey.   It can be modified later to put a lock-in if necessary.  

AMA Remote ID FRIA:    Mark provided some detail that FAA has classified AMA as a CBO (Community Based Organization).     The AMA will then help us get the FRIA.   The AMA regs are tighter than the FAA regulations as of now.

Ron said the legislature voted and passed the CBO exceptions for the “drone”s.   If they hadn’t done that the FAA and Remote ID and licensing would be different. No type 507 for us unless commercial use.

Steve went to a Kucrker Rankin event where they showed a thing called “Remote ID Puck”   It was about the size of a USB Stick and ran about $75 – 80s, it’s less expensive than the $400 one on the market.

Ron wants one so it can help locate his downed planes, and a big drone to lift them!  [Sandy agreed!]


AMA Leader Club and a new award for years clubs have been in service.   Mark was hoping that Doug was here so he could remember.

Ron again suggested that we appoint a Club Historian.  It was discussed that Vince, Doug, and Ron (since 2001) may have been around the longest.   We should get with Doug and see if we can get some history.  Ron Volunteered to talk to Doug and help with the history of the Barnyard Buzzards. Ron and Jason will head up the project

Ward would like us to update the website.  There are still some issues with old information on the website.    There are old members’ names, pull-downs don’t work properly at times, and the member application is outdated.

Status on the Power Pole:    Mark Talked to Ranger Dave, and he knows we are looking to get power and water.   The water has just been fixed to the houses by the scouts. We have money in the budget to repair/replace the broken pipe.    Dave is talking to his dad to see what permits need to be issued for the work.   We already have the pole; it’s just getting installed and set up.

It was suggested that we give Christmas Gifts to the Rangers, it was originally suggested to be a lower amount.   A motion was made that we up the amount for each.     A motion was made, seconded, and approved by the membership.





PROGRAM:  Christmas Gift Exchange.




The meeting was called at 7:15 pm.