President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Officers and guests: 18 Total in Attendance. 13 Members, 4 Guests, Melinda Weber and and David Sweeny,s three daughters. Dave introduced himself. He has 6-7 planes and a few helicopters.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from Sept Meeting approval: Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.


President: Covered in New Business.

Vice: No events, we have the Christmas meetings. Ron asked about a CD for the “Freeze In” This will be determined when the new VP takes over.

Secretary: We currently have 55 members in good standing, nobody is in AMA trouble. Dues for 2023 are due by the end of the March 2023 meeting dues. We have 6 of the current members who have already paid their 2023 dues.

Treasurer: All in the black, money in the bank… Made interest. All debts are paid at this time.

Safety Officer: No Major injuries. No gripes of complaints. Keep up the good work.

Field Manager: New Lock on the Container.

Newsletter Editor: Ron brought copies of the November Newsletter. Please be sure to send Ron/Mark Pictures so we can publish them on the website.


Nominations for December Elections

President: Mark Weeks volunteered to run for President again.

Vice President: Ron Swift. Dean Appel.

Sec: Steve Higgins

Tres: Dart Sharp

Safety Officer: Vince Bell

Special Service Award: Michael Conniff, Ron Swift.

You have till the end of the meeting to throw your hat in if you want to run for the board.

Insurance: Just after the last meeting we had a break in, we did loose a few things. Less then $200.00 per year. There was a question about the deductible.

We talked about new security measures due to the break in.

This weekend we will be taking down the canopies/awnings.


Bylaws: We read proposed the new changes to the bylaws, were there any questions. Ron moved that we vote on its entirety. That was 2nded and approved. A Vote was taken and was approved.

Jason asked about the “new” Road around the back. Is it still drivable. It’s a little wet and standing water on the southeast side of the brush cut area. There is a hole going up the hill, that is the old Outhouse hole… we have marked it off and we will fill it in next spring.

Swap Meet: Conversation with Phil Tallman (AMA Rep) regarding our field and flying quads. Mark invited Phil out the field any time. Mark talked to him about flying quads and other things where the u control area. The car track would become an absolutely no fly zone. Mark knows an electrician that he's going to talk to about getting this done.

Attendance at the swap meet was good, about ½ of the building was filled with tables. Ron said that they were going to do it again next year.

We are still talking to the “Rangers” about installing a temp power pole with a light on the pole.

Event Schedule: What do want and don’t want for events next year? We are checking with the Scouts prior to setting schedule in Late Dec/Jan.

 Paul Asked that we still do the Quad events… Something like the 3rd Saturday afternoon of the month?

Maybe we go back to having some summer meetings at the field?

Just to note the first Saturday of the year is the 7th of January. This is when we will have the “Freeze In”.

The Window for gravel is all but closed for until the weather gets better.

Ideas for Clubhouse Door? It’s winter now… It’s a 63 by 78 Inch opening. A pocket door is going to be more expensive. Let’s think about how we should do this.

Reminder, the next meeting will have our gift exchange. If you want to participate bring a gift wrapped that is valued at less than $20.00… No “White Elephant” or “Stealing” gifts.


PROGRAM: Builders Contest: A motion was made that Jay wins the builders contest with his submission last month was the winner.


Motion was made 2nd and passed for adjourning the meeting 7:18 @ pm.