President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Officers and guests:  13 Members and 1 guest.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from Sept Meeting approval: Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.


President: The Night fly was great! we had tanks in the am, and night fly in the evening. Well attended there were 13-15 people in attendance. Weather was fantastic, Once it got dark orientation was a bit dicey.

Vice President: Unable to attend the event due to personal commitments.

Secretary:   We have 54 Members In good standing. Brian Pendell and Paul Dunatov joined in the past few days.  Nobody in AMA Trouble for the rest of 2022! We are nearing the end of the year, if you haven’t been getting my many emails, please make sure you check your spam filter. Worst case, give me a call 425-330-1446 and we can try to figure out why you aren’t getting them.

Treasurer:   Money is good…we have some left. In the black.

Safety Officer: Seen a lot of violations, nothing terrible but violations. In almost a year, it was good if people would talk about safety or see an issue, please let Jason know. Jay and Jason shared a story about some safety issues at the field. Brian mentioned it’s a good idea to have someone else look at your plane and do a quick safety inspection. Ron shared a story about his mustang and not enough rubber bands on the plane. At 5-6 G’s a few more bands were required because the wing came off midflight.

Field Manager: Dart dropped another load of Dirt next to the container. We also have a turnaround as well by the container and canopies. We still need volunteers to help with field mowing.

Newsletter Editor: Ron brought copies of the Oct Newsletter. Please be sure to send Ron/Mark pictures so we can publish them on the website.



Big Thanks to Ron and Michael, and Jason for weeding the lake area and putting together the 2nd Honey Bucket!

We are Guests at the Scout property. If you want access to the lake or other areas, please contact Mark or Brian so they can clear it with the Rangers.

Gravel for turn around and topping has been placed. This should make winter better with less flooding around the container.

Len Douma removed the pile of debris behind the container and did some work up to the car track. Len cut a road (Path, Trail) up to the car track area. We will have to see what the winter brings to see what kind of water gets there. There is a hole/pipe there… it’s the old out house. There are some boards and ribbons there so someone doesn’t fall in. This winter we will fill that in.

Mowing is pretty much complete in the field area, a few trails on the north side of the road. Snohomish Heli Club had their mower stolen again. We should talk to the rangers about securing things a bit better, and maybe storing some equipment with them.

New Field photos on the frequency board.

Car drivers stand, wasps should be taken care of now.

By Laws: Steve Read the bylaw updates. We will be voting on the bylaw updates in the November meeting.

Budget: Dart has copies of the proposed budget. We discussed the budget items. Ron Moved to accept the proposed budget. It was 2nd and approved.


President: Mark Weeks volunteered to run for President again.

Vice Presient: Ron Swift. Dean Appel.

Sec: Steve H.

Tres: Dart S,

Safety Officer: Vince

Special Service Award: Michael C, Ron Swift.

Projects and Events for next year: Please start to think about what events we should have or not have in 2023. Also consider projects like the fixing the lack of water. Mark talked with Don about a light and a power pole. Putting a light, we can call is security, and might make permits go smoother. Mark did get a ½ horse pump that maybe we could run on a genny and grab water from the culvert. Michael offered a genny to donate.

Insurance: Cascade Heli has been broken into again… This time they had Insurance, maybe we should secure some Insurance just in case. Generally, it 100 to 200 per year we are going to investigate securing some. Jay W volunteered to check into getting some insurance.

A few weeks ago, Steve Higgins noticed the radios were dead. When this was found that the inverter was dead, and the switch was dead as well. I’ve sourced some replacement parts and will get it up and running again this Saturday.

The Xmas gift exchange is a white elephant $15. There was a suggestion to go to a $20 limit on the give exchange.

Announcements/Discussion/Info Sharing.

We have two tables for the club to use at the swap meet.


Jay brought in his Skynetic wing for the “Builders Contest” He upgraded it with a 4S ESC so he can use an 4S battery.

The November meeting, we will have the “Builders Contest”.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made 2nd and passed for adjourning the meeting 7:32@ pm.