President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Officers and guests: 13 Members and One Special Guest (Dave) Mike was attending online.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from July Meeting approval: (Changes) - Rebuilders Contest - Jim Stewart brought in a free flight plane that he rebuilt the front of the fuselage on. He brought in the damaged parts of the old fuse for show and tell.

Revised Rebuilders Contest - Jim Stewart brought in a small RC glider that he rebuilt the front end of the fuselage after a crash. It was cool that he brought the damaged parts of the old fuse for show and tell.

Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.


President: We have officially changed website providers. Everything should be migrated by now, if you see any problems let a board member know so we can fix it.

Vice President: Fun Fly, 4 flyers not well attended, Family Day was better attended but heat seemed to keep people away. This week is the combat Event and two weeks is the Heli event. Auction is the 10th of Sept.

Secretary: 52 Members In good standing. Nobody in AMA trouble.

Treasurer: Money is good… we do have some gravel expenses coming up and some field improvements that we will be working on in the coming months.

Safety Officer: Safety is good, no major/or minor reported incidents.

Field Manager: Mark has started mowing some extra space. There is a section mowed next to the container that could be used for Heli’s, to the south area. We still need people to mow. Michael said he doesn’t work for a living (Retired) so he can help.

Newsletter Editor: Ron brought copies of the August Newsletter. Please be sure to send Ron/Mark pictures so we can publish them on the website and news letter

OLD BUSINESS: None Brought Up.


Mowing Schedule is online, please sign up if you can.

It’s time to do the gravel work at the south end of the field.

  •  We need to add gravel around the container
  •  We need to Widen the south end drive
  •  We need to add a turnaround area.
  •  Finish the Northern Entrance Area.

We will need to empty the Honey Bucket next to the container so we can move it to the top of the hill near the car track. The Honey Bucket next to the car track now will be disposed of. We should empty the one we need to move before we put in more gravel.

Family Day was Lightly Attended (Probably due to the heat) What changes would make it a better turn out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ron Suggested games, balloon toss, stuff like that.

October is fast approaching, with that it’s time for Officer Nominations. If you have questions ask one of the board members what being on the board entails, and we will be happy to assist.

We still need to review the bylaws; this is something that we do need to get done.

Tarp canopies should be removed something end of Oct or Sept; we do want to prevent the damage we suffered last year.

The Website has been migrated to the new host. We now support HTTPS: \\ All the links should work, but if there is something out of place, please let Mark know.

We do need to make a dump run, we need to remove the broken chairs, and assorted garbage. Any Volunteers?

2nd Honey Bucket Needs to be assembled. Ron asked about putting together a team, Ron, and Michael said they can help.

There were a couple of large stones, they were put on the gasoline container. Not sure where they came from.

Mike and Rich, volunteered at Oshkosh ’22… they had a great time, they spoke a bit about the event…

If you are out checking out garage sales, if you see doll houses/bird houses they would be useful for the tank event. Holding a tank event in the fall be beneficial to the the IR Systems don’t work the best in bright sun.

Mark has access to 100-inch pallets, we can use those to build a smaller shed to store some things.

Watch out up near the car track as there are some hornet’s nests. They need to be cleaned out at some point.

Paul Allen’s Heritage Air Force was purchased by a Walmart Exec… They don’t expect to move it.

Sept 10th is the Auction; Ron is needing some more items. If you have stuff let Ron know and we can use it to donate to the Sky Valley Food Bank.

Vince brought in the “Fun Fly” Awards.

Dean Appel won first place.

Paul Dibble won second place.

Mark Weeks was third place.


Heli Show Discussion – Paul / Dart -- Snohomish Heli Fun Fly… Nick Maxwell, and Jason Bell, Simone Gunderson, were some of the “Pros” were incredible fliers.


Motion was made 2nd and passed for adjourning the meeting @ 7:17pm.