President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Officers and guests:

14 Members and 1 Guest (Mr Hoff) and Bart on zoom.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from June Meeting approval: Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.


President: Covered in New Business.

Vice: Drone/Quad Event, only 3 showed 1 had some technical problems. Fun Fly is coming up and we have the open house/picnic on July 30th. There is also the Cascade Heli Fun fly coming up on the 21st thru the 24th of July.

Secretary: 52 Current Members. The balance of the membership cards was mailed out after the June meeting.

Treasurer: We are in the “green” … Bills have been paid.

Safety Officer: There have been some complaints with the use of quads and AMA/FAA rules. We will be discussing our Safety rules in a discussion in new business.

Field Manager: John Deere Tractor had a broken belt. After inspecting under the deck nothing was out of sorts. A new belt has been installed. Steve Anderson report that the cub more center blade seems to be slipping, no fix has been found at this point, we may install a strong tension spring.

Newsletter Editor: Ron brought newsletters and brought hard copies. Ron received no flight Photos…

Please when flying take pics and send those to Mark and Ron when you can.


No old business was discussed.


Porta Potty Needs to be put together, preferably before the open house. It would take a couple of 2-3 hours at the most to assemble. The two new units will be down by the container, the better of the older units will be at the top of the hill by the car track.

Lost Planes: If you lose a plane, please contact Mark or someone on the board and they can get word to those who have drones to help locate it. It would be nice to have a bearing or general location of where we can find it. When giving a bearing, using landmarks would also help.

We still need mowers to sign up, if you have some time, it would be helpful to the club if you could help mow.

Jim Stewart reported - You should check out the photos from the James Webb Telescope, the images are incredible. It can see thru the dust, and pictures are very clear as to what we have seen before.

Field, AMA, and FAA Safety Rules: Mark talked with Tony Stillman (Head Safety Guy) at the AMA.

We need to adhere to the AMA guidelines on the safety rules.

UAV Operation Rules 550 is for FPV – This only applies when the pilot is wearing FPV goggles.

Having a camera or screen does not or is not considered FPV as you can look up and see the UAV.

When operating FPV you should have a spotter, and you must maintain your visual line of sight during the flight. If there is an aircraft operating in the area, you need the spotter to warn you of this aircraft.

Visual Line sight is dependent on the user, and there is a little bit of grey area. If you put a strobe light on a this does increase the overall visual line of sight. It’s suggested to put such a light on your FPV


Even having a Part 107 license would not prevent you from flying out of line of sight.

We should not take off from the parking lot, Street, or behind the flight line at any time.

When we do have events, and we are taking photos of the event you need to get a unanimous approval from all the people who would be affected to overfly that event.

A question was asked about guests at the field, they must be on a “Buddy Box” when flying until they have been approved to solo.

After this discussion there was a review and discussion our club safety rules.

Key for Changes:

Red Underlined = deleted text

Blue  =  Text added

Rules Discussed and Changed.

Operational Rule 9 and new 10

9. There shall be no running or horseplay in the pit or runway areas. Small children and/or animals shall not be allowed in the pit areas.

10. All pets that present a nuisance to the safe operation of aircraft shall be leashed or confined, except for

certified service animals.

There was a discussion about these changes, a motion was seconded and voted on. The vote was 13 for making the changes, and 1 against.

Flying Rule 1

 All new members must complete a safety flight check prior to solo flying. This check off flight must be verified by a non-sponsoring soloed member club officer, or designated club instructor.

There was a short discussion about these changes, a motion was made, seconded, and voted on, the

vote was unanimous to approve such changes.

Flying Rule 5

NO aircraft is to be intentionally flown over or behind the pit and spectator areas. High speed low passes and touch-and-go landings shall be conducted in such a manner as to prevent a potential hazard to other flyers and spectators.

There was a short discussion about these changes, a motion was made, seconded, and voted on, the vote was unanimous to approve such changes.

Flying Rule 6

Pilots must communicate their intentions to their fellow pilots by calling out. Good communication is more than a courtesy, it promotes safety, (i.e., “take off,” “landing,” “dead-stick, low pass,” etc.)

Pilots must communicate their intentions to their fellow club members by properly making callouts to announce your intentions. If two or more aircraft are operating at the same time, then you must announce your intentions. Pilot communication is more than a courtesy, it a necessity that allows everyone at the pilot stations know what you are doing or if there is an emergency.

Callouts such as “Taking Off”, “Landing”, “Dead Stick”, “Touch and Go”, “Low Pass”, “On the Field”, “Clear of the Field”. All these callouts should be announced loud enough so that everyone, especially the pilots in stations can clearly hear.

There was a short discussion about these changes, a motion was made, seconded, and voted on, the vote was unanimous to approve such changes.

It was asked if we should make specific rules for Quads and Helicopters. We had a short discussion, about if we should be specific about where the quads and Heli’s should take off and fly. It was decided that Quad’s and Heli’s should operate toward the south end of the field.

It was discussed that the board can change the safety rules without membership opinion, we will put the revised Safety rules into the minutes and if there is a problem then you need to come to the meetings to participate.



Ron had a 3d Printed plane that he purchased from an online retailer.

PROGRAM: Rebuilders Contest - Jim Stewart brought in a free flight plane that he rebuilt the front of the fuselage on. He brought in the damaged parts of the old fuse for show and tell.


Motion was made 2nd and passed for adjourning the meeting @ 7:47pm.