President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm

Introduction of Officers and guests:

11 Members and One New Member Ken Hulik. We had one person online. Ken has been in Washington for about 12 years, travelled internationally and getting back into the hobby after Retirement.

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble (UA)

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from March Meeting approval: Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.


President: We had a successful Glider Event, Warbird Event and Tank Event… Thanks for everyone’s ard work at the work party!

Vice: Mini Quad Events the 22nd and 29th June. 6 pm.

Secretary: 52 Current Members. Have been giving out cards over the past two/three months I will be sending out the rest of them to the members who we have not seen in person.

Treasurer: We are in the “green” … Bills have been paid.

Safety Officer: None reported accidents. Mark did report that he hit a rock with a brush cutter. He was wearing safety glasses.

Field Manager: John Deere Tractor has a broken belt; Mark was watching videos on how to repair it. This is the third belt that we’ve replaced. The lady doing the video challenged Mark to pull the cover and inspect it to make sure there isn’t something causing it to bind.

Newsletter Editor: Ron brought newsletters and brought hard copies.


None Discussed


Glider Event… Jason and Brian Tied for 3rd Place. 2nd Place is Dart and didn’t lose his plane. 1st Place Jim Stewart! Good Job Jim! Thanks, Vince, for the Awards.

Ron mentioned that the VP should appoint a photographer for out events.

The Snohomish Heli Club got their container broke into we discussed wifi and putting in a camera to or better quality locks.

Mowing Schedule is online, please sign up! Mower has priority vs. flying!

Boats and Floats Fun Fly on the 18th of June, this Saturday. Mark and Brian brush wacked the area toget ready for the event.

Mini Quad Events are posted. 22nd and 29th of June at 6:00 pm July 13th and August

During the Warbird Event, a group of Cub Scouts were out geocaching and saw our event going on. They asked if they could get a closer look. We did entertain them for a bit.

Still have one porta potty to put together, please let the board know if you are interested in helping out. We do need a rivet gun. The old porta potty’s will be dumped on Tuesday. The plan is to keep one at the top of the hill. The older ones won’t be charged until we figure out what do with them.

Ron Stout’s Memorial Service will be July 9th @ 10:30am.

There are lots of little projects to left to work on, if you have extra time, please contact Mark. It was asked about more gravel, yes it was planned to put it by the container where it can get a bit soggy, and where the barn used to be as well. We are just waiting for it to dry out a bit.

Rebuilders Contest was moved to the meeting in July. A motion was made, 2nd and voted on. All but one was in favor.



ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made 2nd and passed for adjourning the meeting @ 7:30pm.