President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on at  6:30 PM and introduced the current club officers

Vice President – Paul

Safety Officer – Jason

Secretary – Steve  (Out of Town)

Treasurer – Dart

President – Mark


 10 Club Members were in attendance and 2 New members, Wendel and Butch both joined at the meeting 1 Zoom guest (Chet). We have 4 new members since last meeting. Michael, Antonio, Josh and Keith

Requested a motion to accept minutes as posted -  Passed



Vice President –  Paul reported that the Tank and Trucks event went very well. The 3rd Mini Quad event will be held on the 18th at 6:00pm, the work-party is scheduled for the 21st and last but not least the Annual Glider event is scheduled for the 14th.

Secretary – Steve was out of town.  Reported that we currently have 48 members (before the meeting)

Treasurer – Dart reported that all bills are paid and we are doing well with our funds.

Safety Officer – Jason reported that we have had no new incidents. Every one seems to be doing a pretty good job watching out for each other

Field Manager – The fertilizer has been spread and it has greened up the grass well.  Now it is starting to grow and fill in some of the blank areas.  Mark will re-apply in a month or so.

Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift handed out hard copies for those who wanted them. He will leave some at the field and at the Store.

Website – Mark Weeks asked to have pictures sent to him and Ron as it makes their job easier to add to the web and newsletter.  Thanks to Rick and Kevin for taking pictures at the tank event.




Mowing schedule is on line please sign up:

Mark Reminded every one to sign up to maw the filed. Its easy to do and if you got any questions or concerns just ask and he will help get you started.

Work Party is set for the 21st.   Lots of small projects and a couple of large ones to do.  No special skills needed.  

Main goal for the work party will be getting the Portipotty base installed and the old barn area rock free.  But lots of other projects available.  Ron asked about painting but it looks like it might be too wet yet.

Thanks again to Jason and his friend for the Tank event.   Keep your eye open for birdhouses and old doll houses that can be converted into battlefield cities.

Check out your local 2nd hand store or your favorite place to find a deal.

Crawler area needs a few to come up with ideas and help plan what to do with the hill side before it gets too unruly.  

No volunteers as of yet to head up the project

Car event- Like the mini quads?  Like the 3rd Wed evening of the month?  Ideas???

Some interest, Paul suggested that maybe a Saturday afternoon time frame may work

Scouts and model rockets?        Mark Annabelle made a couple of ESTES rockets to set off.  The first one launched just great with planning for the wind to land right at the end of the field.  Mid way through the return  to earth the wind stopped and the rocket landed short.  @nd rocket was launched with a raw egg in the payload bay.  Both the rocket and egg returned undamaged and ready for another flight.  Mark will contact the Rangers and see if they might be interest.

Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing.

Ron mentioned that Sandy and him are looking to host another swap meet maybe late October.  He will keep us updated.


PROGRAM:  VR and addiction - Mark and Dart brought their Oculus Quest2 VR Goggles and let the group check them out.  You can play multi  player games like WWII over the Pacific, Driving games and way more.   Should be great for those days when you can’t get out. VR  is a very cool technology and it will be cool to see where it leads.  



Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. meeting adjourned at 7:15