President Mark Weeks Called Meeting to Order @ 6:30pm  

Introduction of Officers and guests:   

12 Members in Person and 4 People on zoom.  

Michael C was a guest.   He’s getting back into flying after some time off.  Flew mostly in the 90’s and he is now retired.     Michael was at the expo on Saturday.   He’s a member at Marymoor and is looking for something closer to home.  

President – Mark Weeks   

Vice President – Paul Dibble  

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from March Meeting approval:  

Motion was made 2nd and passed to accept minutes as posted.  



Vice: President Paul couldn’t attend the NW Hobby Expo. Reported that on the 30th we are having Tanks and Truck Event

Secretary: We currently have 45 members It was mentioned by that Butch Sidbeck has a leg injury and is considering coming back.  

Treasurer: We are in the green some funds went out for the track and gravel for the barn area.  

Safety Officer:      Thus far we are doing good.  Remember the field is wet so if you go out make sure you have someone at least on the radio, and you use a pole to probe water depth and help with pushing down bushes.    

Field Manager:     We have not put the moss killer yet… we really need a week with non-freezing weather to put it down.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we will get it on the field.   Mowing sign-up sheet is on the website.     Ron S said that if you have a helper to hold the tail the plane will get off the ground easier.   In general, the field is getting better.   Mark explained why the field was in rough condition as of now.  

Newsletter Editor: Model Hobby Expo was last weekend for the 18th this year.  Hobby Expo was well attended.  Rob Beba had an interaction with a young lady, probably 3 to 4 years old.   The kid was flying the Real Flight Simulator.  Next thing he knows the little girl was flying the plane on the flight simulator.   We gave away 20+ newsletters… Figured there were 2000+ people on Saturday and Sunday.   Swap meet was great, On Sunday prices were great, people were pretty much giving things away to any reasonable offer.  Ron ended up with quite a few things that will end up in our auction. In September or October, the NW Hobby Expo will probably have just a swap meet.  The Pavilion was all cars 200 racers were there at the show.   One building was all the swap meet.   

Ron has copies of the newsletter, he’s giving extras to Mark, for the field and the corner store. Make sure you take a few pictures of people when you are flying, send those to Mark and Ron so we can use for the website and newsletter.  


Awning framing pulled up and we need to anchor it better.    


Garbage at the Field:   We Must keep the field clean, there is quite a lot of garbage at the field.  Broken Props, Cigarettes packs… etc.… Remember you pack it in, you pack it out… We do not have garbage cans at the field for this very purpose.  

The Car Track has been Modified.   We scraped down the car track, took out the bumps, Dart laid down the pipes on the car track.    It’s not as fast, it’s a bit more technical, so you need to slow down a bit to navigate.    Dart and Mark have put quite a bit of work into the track over the past few weeks.  

If you see something that needs to be done, and you have the time, do it… The club will appreciate it!    

Mark asked Jason to type something up about the tank event.   Just so we know what a formal event will be like.  

If we have guest for the tank event, do they do not need to be AMA.  We are responsible, so they wouldn’t need AMA.     Ron S, the intent needs to be that you’ll learn how to fly so AMA would be necessary for members.   For the Cars and Tanks is a fuzzy line, if they are flyers then yes they would need AMA.  

We looked at the booth at the expo, there were lots of people.   We need to come up with some new pictures for the booth.   We also need to have the correct website on our banner.   Next show with a booth will be April 2023.   Binders just need to be updated as well.   Jay Bell put the binders together for us originally.   

Here is a Google Drive Link if you have pictures you want to share:  

Micro Quad Event got cancelled due to weather.   The plan was to keep the cost down and grow into the 2,3,4s quads.   Mark said he’s had a hard enough time to get his flying well.  We will set a schedule for this in the coming days.  Ron Suggested to expand to larger quads and maybe teach some people about the quads.   The plan is to do this, and we can hold a workshop to teach people this as we go.  

Work Party has been rescheduled to May 21st.  

Work Party Items

1.  Prepare porta Potty base. Using Pavers from Brian R  

2.  Work on car and Tank tracks. Crawler tank may move to barn hillside. (If everyone OK with this idea?)

3.  Find break in pipe by clubhouse and repair (or get it ready for fixing. Dirt can be moved from car track area.)

4.  Install Awnings on Shelters 3 of them.

5.  Clean up garbage around field.

6.  Burn pile for old pallets and wood scraps. (We may do the burn in barn area or in black berries at the end of runway.

7.  Sort broken chairs and add to trash pile for dump run.

8.  Brush whack hillside and Mound at the end of the runway.

9.  Move large rocks from old barn area, so we can start keeping it mowed.

10. Brush whack blackberries by entrance road.

Pad Building for the Sani-Cans can be started any time, we just need to build the base so that the base is solid. Some discussion about how to keep the pavers level.   We will start with the frame soon to get everything ready for the new Sani-Cans.  

In the past couple of week Rich’s T-28 when down in what appeared to be a clearing.   Well, it wasn’t, it turned out to be very tall grass/brush…   This just reinforces the needs for people to make certain that they take a radio, and pole for probing water levels and grass.   The crash was so hard it folded his battery in half, just make sure that If you have a damaged battery, make sure that you have a way safely transport the battery home so you can make it inert.   You could use a lipo bag or ammo box, the last thing you want is it catching fire on your way home.  

The Snohomish Country transfer station will take Lipo batteries as long as you wrap them and bag them to make them safe.  

New Nomination for the Lawn Dart Award:   Mark was Mowing on the far side of the runway, and he went over a gopher hole, this kicked the rock and shattered the glass on one of the window of the clubhouse. So be sure if you are mowing make sure the cover is down the mower won’t throw rocks.   Brian Nominated Mark for the award it was seconded, and voted on and approved…   

Mark Weeks is currently the holder of the Lawn Dart Award!  

We talked about the awards for the Fun Fly event, Ron is planning on give away awards for everyone who is participating in the fun fly event.   We may do the same for other events that we have over the summer.  

Mark wanted to let everyone know who helped with the Expo Event a huge THANK YOU!!   

SHOW AND TELL:   None.   

PROGRAM: We were going to talk about Micro Quads, but due to a misunderstanding we will have this at the May or June meeting.  

ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made for adjourning the meeting @ 7:30pm.