President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:31pm

Introduction of Officers and guests: Kevin from Arlington. Worked at Boeing and retired 4 years ago. Fly’s airplanes and drones. Kevin

wanted to come and check us out and see what we were like. Doug was also there again, someday we’ve got to get him to join officially!

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

Minutes from December’s Meeting approval: Motion was made to accept minutes as posted – Motion was Passed


President: Work Party Coming up Will Address this in New Business.

Vice President – Reminders: March 13 Mini Quad Racing Event, 19th Work Party. 9-10 April NorthwestModel Hobby Expo.

Secretary – 38 Members Paid for 2022, Ron has payments for two members that was accidently left at home, Ron will drop them off in the mailbox this week.

Treasurer - Accounts are in the “Green” ...

Safety Officer – No accidents to report… Watch the Road, it can get icy. That “Stolen” Car is still there. Be Vigilant for people who shouldn’t be there. Brian reported that there are two cars by fire station. Noted at the meeting that those two cars were probably use by the volunteer fire station for training.

Field Manager – Sani Cans will be emptied, the Sani Can by the container must not be used, At the work party we will get the cans assembled and charged. It was commented that the can by the container would be preferable to be used, rather than the one on the hill. Boy Scouts did work on repairing the water supply this last weekend. Hopefully sometime this summer will have water back out at the field.

Newsletter Editor – Ron has Newsletters, they are at the field and at the corner store. If you have pictures at the field send them to Mark Weeks or Ron so they can be added to the website, or the newsletter.

Webmaster – If you see an issue with the webpage send those requests to Mark Weeks and he will get them corrected.

OLD BUSINESS: See last month’s posting (ask if we need to go over them at the meeting) None Brought up.


Sani Cans. One of them will be out of order, the other we will charge and use until we get the new units assembled and charged. It was discussed that we should have both dumped, move the Sani can next to the container forward and prep that area for the two new Sani Cans. After the two are assembled and charged we then can deal with the sani can next to the container.  Rangers are working on getting water out to the houses, after that he will get water to us as some time hopefully before summer.

Club has two tables at the booth for NW Hobby Expo, we will have a computer with real flight. We are looking to get volunteers to setup and work the booth.

Work Party Items

      1. Prepare porta Potty base. Using Pavers from Brian R

      2. Work on car and Tank tracks. Crawler tank may move to barn hillside. (If everyone OK with this idea?)

      3. Find break in pipe by clubhouse and repair (or get it ready for fixing. Dirt can be moved from car track area.)

      4. Install Awnings on Shelters 3 of them.

      5. Clean up garbage around field.

      6. Burn pile for old pallets and wood scraps. (we may do the burn in barn area or in black berries at the end of runway.

      7. Sort broken chairs and add to trash pile for dump run.

      8. Brush whack hillside and Mound at the end of the runway.

      9. Move large rocks from old barn area, so we can start keeping it mowed.

      10. Brush whack blackberries by entrance road.


It was asked about the moss killer: Mark that he’s spoken to some people, and they suggested that we should wait until the freezing weather stops. This can prevent moss killer from working correctly.

Ron printed and brought information on the Merit Badges from the scouts. The Aviation Merit Badge, about 13,000 people go thru the badge. Mark said the Ranger Don reported that the Museum of Flight is going to help them, this is also sponsored by a local bank. They may look to us to still help at some point.


Jay showed off his flite test cruiser plane he plans to build… they are fun to build and on a rainy afternoon you can get them glued together in a few hours. They also generally fly pretty well for what they are.

Doug brought some plans for donation please feel free to take a look and take which plans you are interested in.


Steve Higgins talked about AS3X programming, while this time he had his battery to show configuration, the TV wasn’t connecting to the laptop for some reason.

Here is a very good webinar on how to do this:


Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM