President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:28pm.

Introduction of Officers and guests:

President – Mark Weeks  

Vice President – Paul Dibble

Secretary – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Jason Milsom

10 Club Members were in attendance, with 0 guests

Minutes from December’s Meeting approval:

     Motion was made to accept minutes as posted – Motion was Passed


President:  Make sure to tell the staff at Alfys thanks for providing us the room to hold our meeting in

Vice President – Asked about the turnout at the Freeze in Event.   

Secretary – We have 16 Paid Members for 2022 of 56 total members.  Currently 30 or so members who within 6 months of expiry on their AMA memberships.

Treasurer –   Our finances are in the black.

Safety Officer – Jason Nothing Major to report… This is a relaxed club, but we can’t afford to take chances.   If you see something, say something.   One bad accident can cause us issues.   

Field Manager – Honey Buckets showed up on the 5th…   Field is wet and sloppy, please don’t drive on to the field.

Newsletter Editor – No Hard copies at the meetings, did drop them off at the field and store.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.

OLD BUSINESS:    See last month’s posting (ask if we need to go over them at the meeting)

Standing Committees:

Porti Pottie:  -   They have been delivered and are in the container. Thanks to Jason, Chris, Rich, Dart and Mark for off-loading and all to those who helped at the freeze-in to move it into the container for the time being. Next step will be deciding on placement and logistics as to how to make it all happen.

We talked about where they should go, maybe pouring a concreate pad to keep the stable.   We need to wait till they are serviced so we can pour a concreate pad to accommodate the new honey buckets.  

Dart Grant and Mark are on the committee for Honey Buckets.

Mark expressed that the one above near the car Track is more often used by people going for a hike so maybe it shouldn’t be placed up on the top of the hill.

Field Improvements: Need a committee.  Who would like to help?



Thank you to the 2021 officers, Brian and Ron, thanks for your all your help.

Freeze In: 19 in Attendance and 4-5 Guests.  Flew off Snow and Water. Good Event, and weather held off, and we had a good day.

Logbooks and newsletter holder storage.  Both these have a issue with water.  We need to have or make a better weather protector.  Volunteers?


Proposed Event Schedule:


January 7th Jan 7th 2023

Work Party #1

March 19th  (Weather Permitting, May Move)

Northwest Model Hobby Expo

April 8, 9 and 10th


May 8th (Changed to April 30th after meeting due to Mothers day)    VE Day 1Pm Start


May 14th  


June 4th 


June 14th   Meeting Night.

Boats n Floats#1  

June 18th   

Fun Fly - UMX Planes Combined with Fun Fly

July 16th

Family Picnic

July 30th  


August 13th


August 27th

Buzzards Charity Auction

 September 10th  

Boats n Floats#2

September 24th

Night Fly

October 8th

Builders Contest

October 11th    Meeting Night


December 13th   Meeting Night Gift exchange

Small Quads

Detail To Follow.   Ex One Sunday a Month.

 Freeze-In 2023 

January 7th 2023 

There was more debate about possible cancellations.   It was suggested that we either cancel outright or push to Sunday.   Mark said we should look at rescheduling, as some members only come out to events. Jason mentioned that is should be the Contest Directors decision whether the event is cancelled or pushed to another date.   It was generally accepted that this was a great way to approach this in the future.  There were no verbal objections.

Paul suggested the new event of small quad racing on weekend a month and continuing through the last spring/summer.   Idea is to fly and get points for each week we fly.   This was brought up to see how many people would be interested.   Attempting to keep it low key and low cost.

It was brought up by Brian that maybe we could fly into the winter and maybe fly inside the Scouts Center.

Event schedule passed.

PROGRAM:    Christmas Sharing

Dart got himself nothing, but he is still paying off that Dgi Drone!

Mark’s working on the Ham Radio items.  Mark is trying to call people on the Ham Radio!  Using the FT8 or digital mode.   He’s making calls all over the world, just can’t get Oregon, Montana and Maine

Good of the Order:

Brian Asked about Hobby Town, some of us shared our experiences with that Hobby store.  Mark brought up that ther is a plave called Makers located in the Bells-Fair Mall, Paul reminded the group that ther is a Makers in Everett that does hobbies like Arduino programming and 3d printing.

Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 PM