TThe ZOOM session was started 15 minutes before the club meeting.  Ron Swift monitored the ZOOM interface and recorded the meeting for later publishing and sharing the meeting minutes. With lots of help from Steve Higgins.  To fix some issues from the November meeting, Ron brought a sound bar.  Reports from members who used the ZOOM interface, the meeting was OK and helped to allow participation in the meeting.  Ron moved the camera during the meeting to focus on the speakers.  Some commented that this helped because they were able to see the person talking.  Hopefully this can be continued.


At 6:30 PM President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on December 14th at Alfy’s Pizza and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Bryan Reightley and assistant field manager

Secretary – Ron Swift

Safety Officer – Steve Higgins

Treasurer – Dart Sharp


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

18 Club Members were in attendance , including two through ZOOM. We have one guest, too. Total attendance 19

Mark requested any additions or corrections to the November meeting minutes as published.  There were none. Mark entertained a motion to accept minutes as published – A Motion was made to approve the November minutes as published, seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.



Vice President – Didn’t have much to report. There was an executive decision to cancel the Christmas Party due to a lack of interest at the November meeting. The Freeze-In is scheduled for January 8th at 10:00 AM.  – Mark mentioned there may be children at the event!  Mark has volunteered to bring chili.  Mark also mentioned that a door was added to the clubhouse. The field is WET!!!

Secretary –  Our club membership is currently 54. Quite a few people signed up for 2022 membership, but the exact number and names are not known at this time… We have until the end of the March 2022 meeting to sign up as members.  After that there is a $25.00 reinstatement fee plus the membership dues.

Treasurer – Plenty of money in the bank. The Port-a-potty bill is paid

Safety Officer – No incidents reported in the last 2 to 3 weeks. Hadn’t been out to the field in the last 2 weeks.

Field Manager – The” pretzeled” shelter cover was removed a couple of weeks ago.  Mark wanted to delay the discussion for restoring the shelter frame, etc. in the New Business part of the meeting agenda.

Newsletter Editor –  Website –  Have hard copies of the newsletter – these were passed out.    If you have some pictures or have something of interest, please jot down something and send it to both Ron and Mark.  You know: see a bear walking by, write it up and send pictures – we need to share this stuff! Ron mentioned putting in a section about our personal workshops as a feature in the newsletter and possibly on the website.  There was some discussion among the members, but nothing was determined. The corner store has copies of our newsletter and many read it.   It is nice to share what is going on with our neighbors.



Mark mentioned that the information is already in the meeting minutes that were ratified earlier in our meeting.  Everyone read the minutes and agreed with the contents.  No additional info or activity has been submitted for these happenings. So, we’ll move on to new business.


Special Committee Reports

Port-a-potty committee – Dart talked to the guy offering to sell the units – the same type as used in Snohomish. They are $750 each and $600 to get the two shipped here.  The shipping cost is guaranteed for 7 to 14 days, but the shipping costs are increasing very fast.  If we’re going to do it, we should do it now.  We allocated $1500.00 for the units, but we will need another $600 to get them here.  Dart also mentioned he told the sales guy he would tell him tomorrow whether we are going to do it. A motion was made to increase the allocation for the port-a-potties by $600 to cover the shipping cost.  The motion was seconded.  Discussion – Question when would these arrive?  Answer the guy said he’d get them here by the end of January.  We will need to get them off the truck.  We also will need to assemble them.  The amended allocation of $2100 for two units passed unanimously.  The units are coming from Tennessee.

Field Management Team - Jay Bell has announced that he needs to pass the job of Field Manager to someone else due to the workload he has at home.  Bryan also announced that he needs to play a lesser role due to moving to Anacortes.  We asked for someone to step into this role in the past meetings and at the events, but so far no one stepped forward.  Mark said if OK with the club membership, he would assume the role for now and ask for help with projects as they need to be done.  Bryan would continue to be the point of contact with the scouts.  The Field Manager is not currently an elected position, but appointed.  So, if anyone wants the position or wants to help, please speak up!  There were no volunteers and no discussion.



•   Club Events for 2022

Mark sent the Survey Monkey forms to all the club members with an email address.  The request was to select your top 10 events.  The results will help the 2022 board prioritize and schedule the top ones to for approval by the club.  There were 20 responses received.

Event   Number of Votes More info/Proposed Date

Fun Fly 20  

Boats & Floats  17  

Freeze-In   17  

Gliders 17  

Night Fly   17  

Warbirds    17  

Combat  12  

Family Picnic   12  

UMX Planes  7   

Helicopters 7   

Rebuilders Contest  7   

Christmas Party 7   

Pilon Racing    6   

Home built foamy    6   

Tanks, Cars, Work Party 6   


The annual Charity Auction was left out, but assumed we would do that event, too.

If you have some ideas let the Board know before the 2022 board convenes.

XMAS party was cancelled.  If we did hold one would we want to have it at the field?  Maybe change it to a family day.  Some ideas were thrown around about patches, year round flyer vests, stickers and other stuff for recognition.  Maybe these ideas would help the dwindling participation for our events.  Ideas you have to increase participation and get flyers out to the field are appreciated.

Awnings - A motion was entertained to purchase a new frame for our “car port/awning//shelter” once they go on sale at Harbor Freight – cost about $110 - $115 – motion passed.  Mark will take care of this…

Charity Check Delivered - Dart delivered the check to the Sky Valley Food Bank.  He mentioned they are not open for very many days or hours.  [Illustrates the need in our area.  Not much being donated to fill the shelves as it turns out.]

Club Guest Plane - Jay mentioned he had wrecked our club plane – a Radeon Glider, earning him the first Yard Dart Award during our glider event.  Jay would like to donate his Fun Cub, Spektrum Transmitter and two batteries rather than paying to replace the currently unavailable Radeon Glider.

Corner Store Brick -  Ron mentioned that the corner store was upgrading their store entrance.  Ryan Reed offered the Buzzards a corner stone with our info on it for $75.00.  The membership did not seem to want to make a motion nor discuss this opportunity.  Ron then took on the responsibility to get donations to make this happen.  The stone would have this info:

2022 club officers

Forms were passed out to the few members who had yet to vote for club officers.  Ron donated a few pencils so the vote could be completed. Mark provided the forms. Many liked the online voting.  It was pointed out that the nominations should be closed before the voting starts.  This way the candidates will be finalized.  The new board will look into changes in the By-Laws.  Many changes were discussed last year, but changes were not made.  This becomes the task for the new board.

The Results:

President:  Mark Weeks

Vice President: Paul Dibble

Secretary: Steve Higgins

Treasurer: Dart Sharp

Safety Officer:  Jason Milsom

Special Service Award: Mark Weeks


Thanks were given to the outgoing club officers:  

Bryan Rieghtley – Past Vice President and Field Manager

Ron Swift – Past Club Secretary

Both had held many officer positions over the past years including President, Treasurer, Vice President, Secretary and more.


Program:  Expo Results – Ron mentioned that we have the new NW Model Hobby Expo for April 9th and 10th, 2022.  Club booth was very active especially on Saturday. Jay Bell brought the booth photos, field layouts and information showing the accomplishments over the years.  Ron brought the photo albums showing planes and members over 21 years of Buzzard activity.  Rick Weber donated the Real Flight Simulator which was in use during the entire weekend.  Newsletters and other materials were available and maybe we will get a few members from the events.

Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing.

Freeze-In Saturday, January 8th at 10:00 AM – loads of firepits, chili and more.  Come on out!

Planes with floats and skis work well.  Mark mentioned he had taken off and landed on water on the South end of the flying field when the rain was sufficient.  Too cool!



Motion was made and seconded for adjourning the meeting. Scott Curtis acknowledged Ron Swift for having provided the services to provide an on-time high quality newsletter for the club for many, many years.  Meeting adjourned at 7:22 PM   


Respectfully submitted, Ron Swift, Outgoing BBMAC Secretary