The ZOOM session was started 15 minutes before the club meeting. Ron Swift monitored the ZOOM interface and recorded the meeting for later publishing and sharing the meeting minutes. Mark has a cold and was on the ZOOM interface. He and Brian ran the meeting. The ZOOM PC Ron brought didn’t have enough volume for interacting and running the meeting. Steve Higgins brought in a device that helped the volume issue.

At 6:31 PM President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on November 9th at Alfy’s Pizza and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

 Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Steve Higgins

President – Mark Weeks via Zoom

Presidential Comments/Introduction:  12 Club Members were in attendance and (two through ZOOM). We had one guest, too. Total attendance: 15

Mark requested a motion to accept minutes as published – A Motion was made to approve the November minutes as published, seconded. He then asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there were none and the motion passed unanimously.


Vice President – The Night Fly was cancelled by default due to the rain that moved in at around 2:30 PM and continued through the night. We had a discussion about the dates and support for the XMAS Party and the Freeze-In.  XMAS Party is still December 11th but support was somewhat thready by the members present. The Freeze-In is scheduled for January 8th , the second Saturday in January.

Secretary – Our club membership is currently 54.

Treasurer – We’re in the green in all accounts. No bills were received.

Safety Officer – Over the past weeks no reported incidents.

 Field Manager –Bryan tried to reach Don to discuss the XMAS Party. We will have the support from the scouts, but it is not yet clear which facility will be made available. An update will be sent to all club members once plans are firmed up. We need a plan to put the fertilizer down on the field. Talked about removing the shelter covers – one is broken now. We discussed this, but no plan has been made yet, Not getting many volunteers to sign up to mow the lawn.

Newsletter & Website Editors – If you have some pictures or have something of interest, please jot down something and send it to both Ron and Mark.  You know, see a bear walking by, write it up and send pictures – we need  to share this stuff! The corner store has copies of our newsletter and many read it. It is nice to share what is going on with our neighbors.


Mark mentioned that the information is already in the meeting minutes that were ratified earlier in our meeting. Everyone read the minutes and agreed with the contents. No additional info or activity has been submitted for these happenings. So, we’ll move on to new business.


Port-a-Pottie committee report: Any progress on info or purchase of the unit? A lot of discussion was held. It seemed that the initial $1200.00 will not cover the cost of a handicap unit. We talked about the need for one. Ron mentioned the increasing age of our club members and the unknown future needs, but planning ahead is a good thing. Not all agreed to the need, but conceded to the majority. Mark asked Ron to amend the initial motion, so Ron amended the cost of the unit to be $1500.00. The motion was seconded and passed. The committee of Dart, Grant and Mark will continue to process the action and gather information.

NW Model Hobby Expo: was a success. The club booth was manned at least most of the time.

Bryan reported that Jay Bell is wishing to take more of a backseat as Field Manger, Bryan is also requesting that we open-up the position to others.

Nominations for 2022 club officers

o Vice President (VP) – Paul Dibble, Ron Swift

o President – Mark Weeks

o Secretary – Steve Higgins, Ron Swift

o Treasurer – Dart Sharp

o Safety Officer – Steve Higgins, Jay Wellan, Jason Milsom

o Special Service Award - Jim Stewart, Mark Weeks

A motion was made to close officer nominations (for this meeting) The motion was seconded and after a brief discussion was defeated. Boatloads of discussion about nominations and voting for 2021. Many didn’t remember the details of the Survey Monkey we used last year for ballots and the process we worked through. Nothing was uncovered in the search through the by-laws about voting for club officer. After all of the comments (a discussion occurs after a motion is made and seconded) the following was agreed to:

o We will have voting at the club meeting for those who attend.

o We will have Survey Monkey set up for voting and link will be sent to club members via email and a link posted on the website.

o Members can vote only once.

o Nominations will be open until midnight November 26th.

o Nominations must be made to any club officer. Club officers will inform other officers of the nominations.

o Survey Monkey voting will stop midnight December 12th at midnight. In-person voting will happen at the December 12th meeting. All ballets will be tallied at the club meeting.

o Club officers for 2022 will be announced at the December 14th meeting after votes are counted


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing.


Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM

Respectfully submitted, Ron Swift, BBMAC Secretary