The ZOOM session was started 15 minutes before the club meeting.  Ron Swift monitored the ZOOM interface (Version 5.7.7 (1105) and recorded the meeting to develop the meeting minutes.


At 6:30 PM President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on September 14th at Alfy’s Pizza and introduced the current club officers for 2021

Vice President – Bryan Reightley (Out of Town)

Secretary – Ron Swift  

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Steve Higgins

President – Mark Weeks


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

•   10 Club Members were in attendance (one through ZOOM).

•   Mark requested a motion to accept minutes as published – A Motion was made to approve the minutes as published, seconded.  He then asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there were none and the motion passed unanimously.

•   Make sure that the staff at Alfy’s Pizza knows we appreciate being able to meet at their facility.  We meet for free and the pizza is half price for us.  A thanks to them goes a long way (tips, too!)



Vice President – Mark - (Reporting for Bryan) mentioned the cancellation of the auction. We will discuss further actions under new business. Didn’t plan very well and cancelled at the last moment. Then Mark entertained a motion to cancel the Combat Event for this year. The motion was made and seconded.  A vote of the members present was unanimous and the combat is cancelled for 2021. A question came up about Combat for 2022 and the answer is that the events including combat will be scheduled later in the year for 2022.   Upcoming Events: Floats & Boats #2 on September 25th,  Club Charity Auction 10:00 am and Night Fly 5:00pm 10/9, Rebuilders contest 10/12

Secretary –   Our club membership is currently 53 (also verified by Dart!). We have some individuals wanting to join.  The recommendation I gave was to wait until October and get the rest of 2021 (util March) and all of 2022.  They can fly as our guests until October).  There was some discussion about this as the policy isn’t in the By-Laws nor the field rules.  

Treasurer –   We’re doing good and made some money through interest.

Safety Officer – Been out to the field quite a bit this month. Radios are doin’ good, everything seemed to be working OK. Got the new shelf put up (Ron Swift said thanks for doing that), Still have some tweaking and the instructions to do. Had two planes lost and recovered.  Nobody missing, nobody lost – so we’re doing OK. No calls to the Search and Rescue team

Field Manager – (comments from Bryan to Mark)   Not getting many volunteers to sign up to mow the lawn. The new tractor needs the new belt that Mark got put on.  Mark mentioned that the grass is starting to recover and growing again.  Bryan plans to go out to Lake Hughes to do some weed whacking before our event on September 25th, Ron mentioned the need to have the outhouses cleaned

Newsletter Editor –  Have some hard copies of the newsletter at the meeting for those who wants them.  Membership card availability was asked and Ron mentioned they were mailed out days ago. Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces, parts, & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Website –  Same request as the newsletter for use on our website.  A Facebook post was received about an auction of some RC items.  Mark will post the info



Mark mentioned that once again there was no new activity for past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.



Question:  How do you get to the lake?  Mark and Ron gave some verbal directions [later Ron put signs up along the route to get there.…]

Motion to purchase an ADA Handicap Port-a-Pottie for  $1200 or less. Motion was seconded. A lot of discussion about info for buying a kit we can assemble.  This could encourage family members to visit. Motion voted on and passed.  Dart and Grant and Mark will be part of a team to implement the motion. A discussion ensued about where we should put the new unit.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing.

•   October 2 – Ranger Dave called and said the Scouts want to use the North part of the flying field to do some helicopter as a training session of Life Flight.  We are welcome to observe if we want to.

•   Lake event scheduled for September 25th for boats, submarines, seaplanes, sailboats, etc.  There will be a rescue boat of some kind.

•   NW Model Hobby Expo is October 30 & 31 still on. Check details at .  More details will be added as the event gets closer.    The club has two club tables, swap table and there will be some donation tables in the swap area for sure.

•   Ron asked about the 1st place Fun Fly award for Steve Anderson.  Mark mentioned he didn’t bring it to the meeting, but would put it in the storage container so Steve could pick it up.

•   Port-a-poties  needed cleaning.  Make an effort to keep these clean.  We don’t have water yet at the field, but do your best.

•   A discussion was held about the Heli Fun Fly Awards. No one seemed to have received them and the info about the event has yet to be published in our newsletter.  Ron said he’d get the info in the newsletter is something was emailed to him.  Mark mentioned there was some info on the website.  Ron will take a look.

•   Steve brought cupcakes to celebrate his birthday.  A nice treat for us at the meeting.

•   We discussed transmitter settings – one switch per control function for rudder, aileron and elevator.  Some use a single switch. Some discussion about “Safe Mode”.   More on throttle curve settings, soft start, etc.  Maybe a program should be in a future meeting about this.

•   No new bear news, but they are still around…


 PROGRAM: - None



Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM   


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary