The ZOOM session was started 15 minutes before the club meeting.  


At 6:35 PM President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on August 8th at Alfy’s Pizza and introduced the current club officers for 2021

Vice President – Bryan Reightley (Attending via ZOOM)

Safety Officer – Steve Higgins (Attending via ZOOM)

Secretary – Ron Swift  (Attending via ZOOM)

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

President – Mark Weeks himself


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

10 Club Members were in attendance (five through ZOOM) and one special guest, Doug Hoff.

Requested a motion to accept minutes as posted – A Motion was made to approve the minutes as published, seconded, asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there were none and the motion was made, seconded and then passed unanimously.



Vice President – Nothing new to report, Upcoming Events: Combat Event on September 11th, and Floats & Boats #2 on September 25th

Mark mentioned the cancellation of the auction. We will discuss further actions under new business.  

Secretary –   Our active club membership is currently 53. Ron will be mailing the membership cards soon!  Should have them by our next meeting. Sorry for the delay.

Treasurer –   We’re doing good and made some money through interest.

Safety Officer – Haven’t heart of any problems. Commented on the Bears – Mark added that the scouts mowed on the West side of the field and hadn’t seen any bear scat when he was out at the field.

Field Manager – Nothing to report,   Ron mentioned the need to have the outhouses cleaned

Newsletter Editor – Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces, parts, & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!  Reduced the size of the newsletter from 12 pages to 10 – based on the # events and the number of photos and other info relevant to our members.  Not much for us so far! Hard copies will be at the field and corner store tomorrow.

Website –  Same request as the newsletter for use on our website.   If you see an interesting article, drop me a link and I’ll post it. 


Mark mentioned that once again there was no new activity for past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.


Orange Safety Vests –Jay Weiland donated another orange vest to hold radios.  We’ll stuff the vest and put it in the Container

Ron and team volunteered to add another shelf to the container for the vests.  Ron and team will take action on this.

AMA/FAA – A mandatory exam we’re all to take, a trust exam – you can’t fail.  Mark mentioned having a link on our website making it easier to get to the exam.  Mark asked if we want to make taking the test mandatory to becoming a member.  Discussion – it is a FAA requirement, but not a AMA requirement as of today,  We decided NOT to make this a requirement for membership since it is FAA not AMA at this time.  We didn’t want the club to be the police for this.  We must take the test, but it is a while in the future.

Ron mentioned that there were issues trying to use our website to reach the exam and info.  We may address the test and membership requirements in the future.  Mark will look into our website and the links to FAA.

Mowing – Mark mentioned that our members need to sign up for mowing.  He mentioned the need for signing up for mowing and that the task is really easy…

West side area has been mowed for the “picture lady” to prevent issues with flying while people are on our field.  This should allow her to take the photos without endangering her guests.  If there are issues, please contact Mark.

No water at the field due to a leak in the plumbing.  [Note: Ranger Dave stopped out to the field and they are still looking for the leak to repair it] Anyway, Mark was suggesting that once Bryan gets back, we should talk to the scouts and offer to assist financially or physically to restore the water supply.  Mark suggested having a committee to check into this assistance including Bryan, Mark (himself), and Dart.  Also mentioned is looking for a power pole to restore power to our area.  We’ll send Jay Bell info in case he sees a bargain for these items for water and power.  Stay tuned for this exciting project as it unfolds . Feel free to volunteer .

Ron brought up the NW Model Hobby Expo om Halloween Weekend and the traditional club booth and the swap tables for the donations and club member sales.  All agreed to keep the support of these items the same as past years.  Ron will keep Jay ion the loop as he had set up the club booth  

AMA and Canadian MAA criss-cross licensing – In order for us to fly model aircraft in Canada as a US resident, you must have a MAAC membership.

Auction – do we want to reschedule or cancel what do you thing – Seems we should support an action to get some dollars for the food bank.  At the end of a discussion we discussed sending an email to see what members think of combined events and when. Ron will send an email to see what we want to do as a club.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing.

Mark showed his boat, flyer and cost was pretty cheep he only has $15.00 and some used parts in it.  Has one green and one pink.  He will try to find the plans.

Mark presented the framed certificates for the Fun Fly.  First place, Steve Anderson – not present   Second place, Scot Curtis wasn’t at the meeting either.  Third place, Mark Weeks (President) was there and took his home.

Mark talked about possible programs for future meetings.  One was the question of default transmitter switch settings.  A discussion ensued.  Switch “H” and “HI” vs. “LO” positions.  It seems the middle position is universal and model modes adds to the confusion.  Flaps, gear, lights and other features add to the fun. Also adding the voice to the transmitter can be fun.  Perfect!  A lot of opinions but there seems to be no “Standard”.

Program: None



Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM   


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary