At 6:38 PM President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on July 13th at Alfy’s Pizza and introduced the current club officers for 2021

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Safety Officer – Steve Higgins

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

President – Mark Weeks himself


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

•   14 Club Members were in attendance (two through ZOOM) and three special guests, Rod Wiegand and Doug Hoff.

•   Requested a motion to accept minutes as posted – A Motion was made to approve the minutes as published, seconded, asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there were none and the motion passed unanimously.



Vice President – Builder’s Contest – we only had one entry, Jay Wellan.  He was awarded 1st place in the ARF category. June 28th – HeliDay – Three participated in the event, Dart, Grant and Mark, along with the CD Paul Dibble. Upcoming Events: our Annual Charity Auction on August 7th, Combat Event on September 11th, and Floats & Boats #2 on September 25th

Secretary – Our active club membership is currently 52.

Treasurer – Our savings and checking accounts are in the green and up-to-date  Like to keep the policy that expenses submitted beyond 90 days will not be processed. Please put in your invoices in a timly fashion.

Safety Officer –  Back from Hawaii I guess we’re doin’ OK.  A discussion and action to provide orange safety vests to hold such things like a walkie-talkie, bottle of water to be located in the storage container. Mentioned is the fact that the weed height has reached way beyond 6 feet. We won’t see folks searching for lost planes. Storage container charge system – info from Steve Higgins We need to turn the radios off when put away.  The current recharge system can’t keep up. Steve mentioned a 10 minute timer is working on the charge system, a second shelf, and keeping an eye on the stuff.

Field Manager – Nothing much to report. The Sprinkler System is not available – talked about contacting the rangers to request the water being turned on.  Still hadn’t located the leak.  Mower signup app is available on our website and we need people to sign up…

Newsletter Editor – Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces, parts, & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Website – Same request as the newsletter for use on our website. If you see an interesting article, drop me a link and I’ll post it.



Mark mentioned that once again there was no new activity for past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.



Orange Safety Vests – Discussed the details and these will be implemented.  Radios and other items already exist. Ron Swift and team have agreed to mount the shelf to hold radios and Vest in the Container

AMA/FAA – A mandatory exam we’re all to take, a trust exam – you can’t fail.  Mark mentioned having a link on our website making it easier to get to the exam.  Chet mentioned it is fast to take and even incorrect answers don’t count since the test gives you the correct answer  More later – we didn’t reach conscious as to when we must be done with the test, but it is a while in the future.

Motion made:  There was a motion made and seconded to revert back to the club officers membership dues being waved while they are serving on the board.  Discussion followed:  Dues for Officers were reinstated when we lost the field at Dale’s and the membership had dwindled to just over 20 members. Motion passed and will be instated 2022

FAA/AMA FREA- Chet brought up the need to stay on top of the FAA/AMA and make sure we classified as a FREA.  It will be much simpler now than later.  Steve will monitor


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing:

Need people to sign up for mowing event though the flying area isn’t growing.  The covered areas and entrance need the service.

 PROGRAM: Builders Contest



Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM   


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary