President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on May 12th at 6:33 PM and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Chet Blake

President – Mark Weeks himself


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

A discussion about when and if the April 24 meeting minutes were sent.  Seemed like many did receive the minutes.  We won’t review the old business because many did receive the minutes

Entertained a motion to accept minutes as posted – After having a discussion defining For vs. Against vs. Abstain, a motion was made to approve the minutes as published. Motion seconded, no further discussion and passed unanimously.



Vice President: Glider event coming up this Saturday May 15th.  Pilot’s meeting at 10:00. $5.00. Entry fee.  3 timed events and a fourth one unlimited motor run for 30 minutes.   Extra points for landing in the circle. Total the points for each pilot highest score wins. Two events the same day – Glider in the morning and the Night Fly at night time the same day.  Ron mentioned Ron Beba and Mark were planning something for a meal. Mark proposed to have one meal at the Night Fly and it was mutually agreed to do this.  Do the cooking and have it for the Night Fly.  We’ll figure out the details later. Don pointed out that between 10:00 AM ‘til 1:00 is when the best lift/thermals are.  June 5th is the Floats & Boats event. June 9th is the builder’s contest at the first meeting back at our field.  So, the discussion during new business later will be to have our club meeting at the club field.  Ron mentioned testing having a Zoom availability at the field for those who don’t have time to get to the field. More later in the minutes…

Secretary: Currently our active club membership is still 48. Always looking for photos, articles, artwork, and stories to put into our newsletter

Treasurer: We paid a massive $20.50 this month and the finances are still looking good. Our current financial status is that we’re looking good. All bills are paid up to date and we’re good there.

Safety Officer: Other than the event we discussed last month things are looking pretty good from a field safety viewpoint. The Walkie-Talkies info was in the newsletter last month and Mark and Brian got to test them out last Saturday.  They worked OK. It was suggested to add a third Walkie-Talkie for a drone pilot to assist in plane recovery. Ron told of the issue with his pusher prop hand launch glider.  Tom received 31 stitches launching it this time – the prop raked across his forearm and caused the injury.  Luckily, we had compression bandages and addressed the wounds immediately.  George drove him to the Monroe hospital.  Needless to say, the plane is retired until a safe way is found to launch it.  Steve suggested a catapult that they had built for such a plane that he would donate if we wanted it. Bryan and Chet mentioned that the first aid kit at the frequency board has been  checked again as a monthly practice and is up to date with everything good to go, current and stocked. Hopefully we won’t need it again!

Newsletter Editor: Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces parts & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Website: Same request as the newsletter for use on our website.



Mark mentioned that once again there was no new action of past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.



Walkie-Talkies - The new walkie-talkies have been installed in the storage container. We need another solar panel to keep these charged.  We do have the money designated in our budget to do the upgrade.  Suggested adding another storage battery and possibly replacing the original battery to increase the storage capacity.

There was some discussion about where these are stored and it was pointed out that a special shelf is planned and additional lighting will make them easy to find.

Port-a-potties - If anyone feels that the units need servicing, it is important that they say something to any club officer so they can be scheduled for service.  Not everyone uses these and so communicating needed attention to these is important.  Right now the plan is to have the service scheduled every other month.

Shelter covers - It is time to get these put up. Maybe before or after the glider event these can be put up.

New Windsock - Mark picked up the PVC pipe for the new streamer style windsock.  Making it like the ones at Red Apple Flyers.

June Club Meeting - Suggested having a “normal” club meeting at our club field.  June 9th at 6:30.   Ron will set up a ZOOM meeting so those who can’t attend physically.  Motion was made to change the club meeting to 1:00 PM on Saturday, June 12th.  After a brief discussion, the motion passed unanimously.  The Builder’s Contest will be during the club meeting as the program.

Serving table - One project for the field this year was a serving table near the frequency board.  One suggestion was to get a plastic folding table and put it behind the frequency board.  Discussion had mentioned placing it in the storage container, not the frequency board.  This would keep it out of the weather while defending it from theft.  One may already be in the container.  Brian and team will check on it this Saturday.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing:

Website updated, so check it out!

Primer for glider events?  What is intended…  Do we need to do this…  Likely not an issue.

Pilot’s meeting worth going over 30 second run, etc.  No training session beforehand, but coaching session could be set up ahead of time.

Club Radeon glider is available in the container.  What is the process of use and covering damage, etc…


PROGRAM:  Show & Tell

New award for the glider event.  It may be called Yard Dart Award.  

No fee for the glider contest.  Awards to be certificates.

Question about the Freeze-In patches.  Still in the works and donated…

Membership cards – in Ron’s truck in the repair shop – coming soon…

FPV Hoop idea – pool noodles – Dart already has many and gates, too…




Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary