An upgrade to ZOOM caused an issue with the emailed connection information.  An updated link, phone number and access code were sent to the club members and guests minutes prior to the meeting.  Ron Swift, Club Secretary, apologized for the confusion.  For future ZOOM meetings he will check and verify the connection info no later than 15 minutes before the club meeting is to start.


President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on April 24th at 6:32 PM and introduced the current club officers for 2021

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Safety Officer – Chet Blake

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp – Absent

President – Mark Weeks himself


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

7 Club Members were in attendance and two special guests, Don Bailey and Doug Hoff.

Requested a motion to accept minutes as posted – Chet brought up that in the newsletter Safety Column, the word clevises got changed to crevices, but the minutes were fine as published. A Motion was made to approve the minutes as published, seconded, asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there were none and the motion passed unanimously.



Vice President – Bryan has been out of town for the 3 weeks, the Night Fly hopefully next week,  San-i-cans (porta potties) have been cleaned

Secretary – Our active club membership is currently 48.

Treasurer – We’re doing good, Paid Honey Bucket for the Port-i-Potty service, the club accounts are in the green and up-to-date

Safety Officer –  I guess we’re doin’ OK, no one died, but a close call.  Chet asked Ron Swift for the missing pilot/911 call story.   Ron called 911 for a missing pilot who was searching for his plane. A second trip to find it resulted in his missing from sight for over 3 hours.  Some details: The pilot had my cell phone but didn’t know how to use it.  We were using John Rennert’s phone to call for status, The pilot’s hearing aid batteries failed while he was searching, He did not hear us honking horns or calling his name, he didn’t hear the cell phone either. He called Sandy (my wife) in an attempt to communicate, but called the home phone – not John’s cell phone. The pilot got turned around and likely travelled way too far out and in the wrong location/direction. Having walked for a L O N G time he laid down and rested – out of sight. After finally seeing him coming back, Ron call 911 to cancel the search & rescue team. The pilot made it to the road after a half hour more and laid down by the side of the road to recover. Both Ron and the pilot suffered massive leg cramps that night from the search excursion. A long discussion ensued about things we could do to avoid this issue or at least minimize the danger:  A motion was made, seconded and unanimously passed to purchase two walkie talkies with chargers.   Steve will look into power for using the chargers for these. Possibly have a colorful ball on the ends of the walking sticks – mentioned was the height of the swamp growth towered 10 feet or more so a color ball wouldn’t be as useful. Putting together a suggested procedure for model recovery to add to the Field Safety Rules.  The pilot’s wife bought the pilot a cell phone and instructions for using it.   [Next we need to check the contact numbers he has ,  Other than that experience, things are going pretty well [from a field safety viewpoint.   Chet commented that when retrieving our models, we should have a watcher or watchers.   

Field Manager – Bryan reported on the following projects: San-i-cans were emptied and recharged.   Moss killer and fertilizer were planned to be spread on the field.  From Chet – message from Jay called Friday and had spread the moss killer. the fertilizer still to be done.  Mower signup app and process to be discussed under new business…

Newsletter Editor –  According to Ryan at the corner store, the newsletter is still being picked up like hotcakes – 20 more copies were taken to the store.  A weather station and web page were discussed with the store owner, Ryan.  He is willing to put the station up on a weekend when ready.  Ron volunteered to provide the Raspberry Pi, the python program and the weather station with display.  Ryan will have a webpage created from Ron’s database and html code for displaying the data. Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces parts & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you! Sandy is looking for a handicap version of an outhouse for the field, hopefully a donation… New ones cost over $2000! More later.

Website –  Same request as the newsletter for use on our website.  If you see an interesting article drop me a link and I’ll post it.



Mark mentioned that once again there was no new action of past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.



Mostly discussion and helpful sharing:

Gate Code – As of today [April 24th] the gate code has been changed.  Ron will send the new gate code to the members following this meeting.  Some discussion about getting the code to the dirt guy and the rangers.  Bryan will take care of checking into this.

Dirt – the Scouts are bringing in dirt to balance the bank off.  Should be really nice on the upper level!

Work Party May 1st - Cancelled until the weather settles down.  We want to do some dragging and leveling to save gravel and use it wisely.  So the work party is postponed until later in the year.  It was pointed out that the field is in really good shape and we’re flying when the weather cooperates.  No major things really need to be done now.  No pressing changes for now.

Night Fly Cancelled – Weather prevented the club meeting and the Night Fly from happening at our field today.  May 1st looks like 48% rain possibility.  We talked about possible changes and settled on combining the glider event and the Night Fly.  Looks like that’s the plan.  Gliders in the AM, lunch and Night Fly later that day May 15th !

Lawn Mowing – Jay put up the lawn mowing schedule again. Normal mowing for those who signed up via Jay’s sign-up list:   Mow the field, grassy area around and under the awnings, area from the north end of the runway to the main gate. Weed whack the area around frequency board, and the concrete awning blocks.  

Optional Extra mowing: Use the Cub Cadet mower for the Upper area, south of the runway (only when area dries out) and the roadside

Recommended mowing Wednesday through Friday (when weather permits) so the field is ready for the weekend.  

Please sign up for mowing using this link [yes it does say moving, not mowing, but the link works.]  It is also available on our website now!

Port-a-potties – If these need servicing please say something.  We may have some containers of the blue stuff to be added in the units to help keep the odors and expenses down.

Walkie Talkies – Chet recommended using walkie talkies for keeping track of those searching for downed planes.  Chet forwarded info for the walkie talkies and the inverter/converter to Mark for review.  Steve mentioned he needed to complete the wiring cleanup of the existing system, but since the power to charge walkie talkies is really low, it should work fine.  A motion was made to purchase the walkie talkie system.  The motion was seconded with no further discussion and was unanimously passed.  Also mentioned – Jay added lights to the storage unit and Steve volunteered to wire them in.

Marymoore – Their Club president sent an email mentioning taking care to check their planes to prevent fly aways and other issues.  Mark mentioned we should pay more attention to our models considering the upcoming opening of the camp.  This includes range checks, having other pilots check over new models before flying them. We don’t want any bad press either.  A little time checking things over and positive helpful advice go a long way. ‘Nuff said!

Extending ESC Wiring - Ron Swift mentioned finding info that extending BATTERY leads causes ESC Electrolytic Capacitors to fail prematurely.  We will have a presentation at our future club meetings to discuss this.  Ron purchased an app that does calculations for the values of added electrolytic capacitors at the ESC – something about 220 mfd per 4-inches added.  The changed lengths of the battery leads apparently caused many of Ron’s (and others he worked on) ESC’s to fail – some during flight!

Failsafe Settings – Don shared some info about failsafe settings for our field.  That would be throttle all the way off, rudder all the way over (either left or right) and flaps fully deployed if available.  That would cause the model to come down where it experienced an issue.  Other locations could set up for a gentle glide with throttle off…  A topic for another program for sure!

Donated Awning – Chet and team put the donated (thanks Rick!) awning in the storage container.

Windsock – A suggestion was received to add a windsock out to the east midway from the runway.  Also, maybe adding a windsock to the north like the one to the south.  Doug mentioned he thinks he has a windsock that belongs to the Buzzards.  Also like the Red Apple flyers, at the flight line, a small streamer on a post has worked for them and other fields as well…

Serving table – A quick discussion about a semi-permanent serving bar near the frequency board.  Maybe a folding plastic table stored behind the frequency board would work OK???  More discussion will ensue for sure.

Receipts – A comment about giving Dart receipts even for donated items so we can keep track of what it takes to build and support our field.

Glider Event CD – Don respectfully asked not to be the CD for the glider event and recommended that Bryan be the CD.  Bryan said he thought he would do it if he is in town, since he won the past events anyway.  Don also commented that it is difficult to participate in the event when being the CD and would love to participate this time.  And so it will be.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing:  None



Was to be our Night Fly Event – no time to drum up a replacement program – the meeting was fun enough as it turned out



Motion was made for adjourning the meeting. It was quickly seconded and after the unanimous vote, meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM   


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary