President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on February 10 at 6:34 PM and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

President – Mark Weeks himself

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Chet Blake


Presidential Comments/Introduction:

15 Club Members were in attendance and two special guests, Ron Reuter and Doug Hoff.

Requested a motion to accept minutes as posted – Motion made, seconded, asked for comments, suggestions, corrections, there was no discussion and passed unanimously.



Vice President – Bryan Reightley

No events were held after the January Freeze-In

Next scheduled event is April 24th – the Night Fly

Bryan might nor be available for cooking (hotdogs – simple affair decided).  Mark volunteered to do the food for the night.  Ron Swift threw Ron Beba’s name in for helping with the food and agreed to contact him regarding membership.

May 1st the Work Party – no details as yet

Secretary – Ron Swift

Currently our active club membership is 47.

Talked about Ryan at the corner store mentioning that he could post a Facebook message about when we are flying so the community could visit if we wanted him to do that.  A short discussion ended with the comment that this is following our club policy of being open to the public. Ryan also said the copies of the newsletter are “flying” off the counter. Seems that with Covid-19 and other activities shut down local people like to read our newsletter.  We left about 50 copies this month

Members need to renew by March 17 or pay the $25.00 late fee.

Treasurer – Dart Sharp.

Got the books updated.  Our accounts are in the green, up-to-date, and lookin’ good.

Funds are in good shape – renewal memberships are coming in and the cutoff before the $25.00 late fee is today. [Extended to 3/17/21 later – only two members used this extended timeframe – Ron]

Safety Officer – Chet Blake

Things are going pretty well [from a field safety viewpoint]

Chet commented that when retrieving our models, we should have a watcher or watchers.  Jay W used a ladder to cross a creek for retrieval with Mark helping out – both with wooden poles.  Each person going out should use of a pole when going past the landing part of our flying field to test footing.  Be careful of PVC poles as they could splinter if full weight is put on them.

Field Manager – Bryan Reightley

Bryan reported on the following projects:

Storage Area Lighting and solar panel installation.

Barn Removal

Club House glass installation

Port-A-Potty cleaning – he will schedule the service

Wood and materials for the Crawler track.

Yard paint or some other marking will be used to mark the area of the stairs for those who want to help.

Gate location – he will work with the rangers to ensure access of the trucks and trailers.

Newsletter Editor – Ron Swift

According to Ryan at the corner store, the newsletter is being picked up like hotcakes – seems local neighbors are interested in our hobby and the club.  He requested more copies again, the first 15 were gone.  More copies were taken to the store.  It was mentioned that maybe the locals have a lot of birds and needed something for the bottom of the cage. Sharing our newsletter helps build relations with the community and provides an invitation to our meetings for those who might be interested.

Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces parts & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Sandy is looking for a handicap version of an out house for the field, hopefully a donation… More later.

Website – Mark Weeks

Same request as the newsletter for use on our website.

If you see an interesting article drop me a link and I’ll post it.

Our newsletter and website get a lot of viewers/readers.  We want to keep them as fresh as we can.  Thank you to all who make this happen.

Next Club Meeting Discussion - A discussion was held about the possibility to have a face-to-face normal meeting like before the Covid-19 policy closed group gatherings.  One proposal was to offer a ZOOM connection to the meeting which can be held in one of the Scout meeting rooms.  With the daylight savings time and the sun staying up longer, it seemed like a possibility.  

A suggestion modified this to move the club meeting to Saturday, April 24, just before the Night Fly.  Everyone agreed this was the best proposal.  It was agreed that the meeting will start at 3:00 PM on April 24th at the club field and the Night Fly would begin after the meeting ends.  The possibility of having ZOOM too will be investigated.



Mark mentioned that once again there was no new action of past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.  So, we’ll move on to new business.



Mostly discussion and helpful sharing:

Personal Safety - Emergency contacts – Mark made a statement about having wife’s or personal contacts in our phones so if a member needs help or assistance, someone could be contacted.  He reported that the number could be added to a cell phone under the member’s name.  It might be a good idea to share emergency contact information with the group you fly with.

Plane Safety - Spend a couple of extra minutes doing a thorough preflight check.  It was mentioned having a second pair of eyes checking our planes can be helpful, too.  If acting up on the ground it probably should not be flown that day.  Take it home and check out the issue.

Barn Is Gone! - We talked about the area where the barn once occupied and the way we could utilize the new space.  Dart suggested allowing it time to settle, later drag it flat and then do some Rock for parking and seed.  We should end up with a nice grass area with an additional dozen parking spots.  Plans are in the making.

Fertilizer and Landing Field Repair Time - We have more moss than grass now.  Bryan will schedule some time to spread it out.

Solar Panel Functional! - The new solar panel is installed behind the storage container and is charging the battery.  Thank you Steve, Jay and Bryan for making this happen.  Pressing the button will turn on the lights, which will time out after 10 minutes.  Pressing the button again will restart the 10 minute timer.  Cool!

Our Club House Mods - The tempered glass saved from the barn has been installed in the club house, replacing the plastic sheeting. The side windows are removable so the breezes can be experienced during the summer days.  Thank you Chet, Bryan and Mark for making this happen.

Port-A-Potty Service - Bryan will schedule the service for our two units.  Dart wants the invoice sent to him.

Shelter Covers - After a discussion about the windy season, it was decided to put the covers back on the frames. It will take about 5 members to make this task easier.  A motion was made to purchase a new cover. Seconded. No discussion. Motion passed.  Mark will investigate obtaining one.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing:  None at this time.


 PROGRAM: Holiday Season Show & Tell

New DJI FPV Drone - Dart showed his new drone.  He hasn’t had time to play with it yet… Stay tuned!



Motion requested for adjourning the meeting (after a pregnant silence requesting any additional topics.  Motion made, seconded and after the unanimous vote, meeting adjourned at 7:34 PM   


Respectfully submitted, with a lot of help from Mark.

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary