President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order on February 10 at 6:34 PM and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

President – Mark Weeks himself

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Chet Blake

Presidential Comments/Introduction:

12 Club Members were in attendance, special guest Doug Hoff

Entertained a motion to accept minutes as posted – Motion made, seconded, no discussion and passed unanimously


Vice President -

No events were held after the January Freeze-In, Next scheduled event is April 24th – the Night Fly

Saved beams and 2x6 material from the barn. They are stored temporarily up the hill in the RC track area. They are for a set of stairs to make access from the lower parking lot to the upper track area a little easier. Please don’t take or burn these as they are needed.

Ranger Dave salvaged the tempered glass from the barn and the good news is they will be cut to fit the openings in the club house, eliminating the need to constantly replace the plastic sheeting when it gets windy. This is a work in progress. The glass is stored on the ground to the north of the club house.

Went to use the lights in the storage container and noticed the battery was gone! Mark shared that he knew that the battery was taken by Steve Higgins to charge it. Steve joined the meeting later and gave a status on charging the battery and other plans for the lighting system. See the New Business section for the update. Bryan mentioned that Jay Bell got all excited when he found out there were lights down there. Jay wanted to get the solar panel hooked up. So, he is organizing stuff on his end to take down there. It seems to be a large project for him at this time, but plans are being drafted, kind of a kit so we’ll know what he had in mind for solar panel. Bottom line – Steve has the battery and will charge it, likely to bring it on Saturday. The lights worked and that’s a good thing.

May 1st the Work Party – no details as yet

Secretary –

Currently our active club membership is 65.

Members need to renew by the end of the March business meeting or pay the $25.00 late fee.

Member updates and checks were given to Dart..

Need the key to the mailbox. Mark has a key for Ron. [done]

Asked if the format of the meeting minutes for January were OK. Consensus was  yes, the format is fine.

Treasurer –

Got his reservation for the trip to Hawaii (Just a joke about being treasurer )

Received $180 for two member renewals.

Got the books updated. Our accounts are in the green, up-to-date, and with the upcoming member renewals, lookin’ good..

Safety Officer –

Things are going pretty well [from a field safety viewpoint]

Lots of water on the field and especially off the runway.

The barn should be gone by Thursday or Friday.

The entry gate is being discussed and the scouts are taking the lead. There maybe two gates next to each other… We don’t know yet. But there will be increased parking for sure.

Field Manager –

Barn demolition is going well. Because there was no rebar in the foundation, it crumbled. The equipment used tore through beams – they crumbled as he pushed through them. The revised plan is to clean up all the concrete and drag the dirt. Then overseeding the area. This will provide us plenty of parking. Lots of discussion about the barn removal and the high quality and high skill level of the team. The demolition folks and the scouts wanted photos of the demolition [maybe even the damage Ron Swift’s cub did when it hit the north wall . Ron finally got his engine back.

Newsletter Editor –

According to Ryan at the corner store, the newsletter is being picked up like hotcakes – seems local neighbors are interested in our hobby and the club. He requested more copies again, the first 15 were gone. More copies were taken to the store. It was mentioned that maybe the locals have a lot of birds and needed something for the bottom of the cage . Sharing our newsletter helps build relations with the community and provides an invitation to our meetings for those who might be interested.

Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces parts & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Sandy is looking for a handicap version of an out house for the field, hopefully a donation… More later.

Website –  

Same request as the newsletter for use on our website. - If you see an interesting article drop me a link and I’ll post it. - Our newsletter and website get a lot of viewers/readers. We want to keep them as fresh as we can. Thank you to all who make this happen.


Mark mentioned that once again there was no new action of past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published. So, we’ll move on to new business.


Barn Removal Project - Mark mentioned that the field is closed until the barn removal project is completed. Bryan gave a good report on this already so moving on. Once the rangers contact us with the information that the project is completed, Ron will send out an email to everybody that the field is open. Foundation was removed, opening up a lot of area Walking around the area or driving, be cautious – there may be nails. The contractor for the removal is doing a great job and so far, few nails have been found in areas worked on.

Safety Rail at the Top of the Hill - We will need to do something at the top of the hill since some guys turn their trucks around there. Now there is a possibility of going over the hill. Might need a guard rail or something.

Barn Documents and Photos - The contractor is very interested in photos of the barn and the demolition. Whatever pictures you have, the board (Chet?) is collecting them as documentation. So please send what you have to Chet. A mention of a board with a horse’s name on it was collected by them, so whatever is available, they would like to have. Ranger Don wants some documentation also. Bryan mentioned he had drone photos of the demolition. Rumor has it that the contractor wants a drone now .

Storage Container Light System - Steve mentioned that he took the battery to charge it. The condition of the charge left in the battery is unknown, but it seemed to have a short life. Steve mentioned using his 100 amp charger and cycling the battery several times to condition it for our use. He said he would bring it back on Saturday. Also mentioned that Jay has some batteries that can be used, too. Jay is working with the team on a charging system and other items, too.

Club House - The shed on the north end of the field is called the Club House. It is for everybody to use and it is warm. When the glass windows get installed, it will be even warmer.

See Something Say Something - If you see something amiss or someone messing with our projects or property of the Buzzards or Scouts contact one of the club officers. It was mentioned that Ranger Don can see more of the field area now that the barn is gone.

Mailbox on the Frequency Board - The new mailbox on the frequency board is for helping club communication since the Covid-19 recovery has minimized physical contact between us. There is a slot in the mailbox where you can put in receipts, membership forms, checks and other club related materials. The club officers have a key for the mailbox and will check it frequently. Having membership application and forms for expenses on the frequency board will be discussed.

Burning - No need - nothing left to burn from the barn. Bruce and all, thank you for all your help burning the material in the past. Very much appreciated!

Stairs - Stairs for the crawler/race track is a work on progress. We are looking for ideas for removing weeds, etc. Roundup 360 and other things have been tried with little success. The area to be used for these stairs will be marked off using yard paint.

Ideas and help are always appreciated.

Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing

Heli Days Date Correction - The schedule on the website and newsletters has the date as June 29th, a Tuesday. It should be documented as Saturday, June 26th. The date will be corrected and thank you!

Question – Need More Pallets? - No, pallets are not needed anymore.

NWMHE Date Changed Again - Ron mentioned that the dates for the NW Model Hobby Expo for 2021 have been changed to October 30th and 31st (Halloween!). Info is on the NWMHE.COM website. Also mentioned was that the Commercial Building previously used for the swap meet part of the Expo will be torn down and not replaced. Ron and Sandy are working on the new site layout .

Posthole Tool - We have some posts to set at the field. We have used a power auger on previous fields. [A question was asked about how many fields we have been thrown off of – a joke. Answer was none, and some commented on their curiosity of the club’s past and the changes that happened.] Comradery at its best

Better Ways to Invite the Public to Our Meetings - A discussion was held about the open club meetings and ways to inform/invite the public. It was subsequently decided to add info on our website inviting everyone to our meeting each month and how to get the meeting access info. Also, the newsletter will have similar info in each edition.

Doug Hoff – Rejoining - Guest, Doug, mentioned that after 42 years of working at Boeing, he’s retiring and plans to start flying model airplanes again. Doug, one of the original founders of the Barnyard Buzzards MAC has many historic stories to share and frequently does. Doug also mentioned having found the original Buzzards logo. He sent a digital copy to the board members and it will be in the March newsletter.

Snow is Coming! - Yes, we received advice that we should get our skis, floats and snow models ready. It is imminent. [Mark sent a photo of his plane on snow that will be in the March issue of our newsletter.

PROGRAM: Holiday Season Show & Tell

Pocket 2 Camera - Dart showed his new camera, capable to 4K videos and lots more. New to him, he admitted the need to learn how to use it, a handheld device. Dart is pretty crafty as well as a good pilot. We’re sure he will have that mounted to a jet, helicopter or something with wings… Stay tuned!


Respectfully submitted,

Ron Swift BBMAC Secretary