President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:34 PM and introduced the current club officers for 2021:

President –Mark Weeks himself

Vice President – Bryan Reightley

Secretary – Ron Swift

Treasurer – Dart Sharp

Safety Officer – Chet Blake

Presidential Comments/Introduction:

Thank you to all past club officers for their contribution – hopefully we can use their term in office as examples to follow both in Washington and outside

10 Club Members were in attendance, no guests

Entertained a motion to accept minutes as posted – Motion made, seconded, no discussion and passed unanimously



Vice President –  Mentioned that the Freeze-In was a week later the planned, but the weather turned out great. It was a great time and the food was great.  Special thanks to Sandy DuVall for helping make the food and hot beverages available.  [Ron mentioned 14 guys signed up for the Freeze-In patch being donated by Sandy.  Mark mentioned Steve, Jason and others may not have signed in (true).] Hold off discussion of the 2021/22 events until new business.

Secretary – Currently our active club membership is 63. Membership form and check received from Seth. [Discussion about this mentioned other board members received some renewal info from George and others. – A work process will be documented for Dart and Ron to get the right info in a timely manner.  Mark mentioned sending a club roster to Bryan and Ron, but they never received this.  Mark will send out a roster to the executive board members as a baseline]

Treasurer –  Dart now online – taking the club accounts over from Vaughan. Sent a check to AMA for the club charter  Correction to the accounting – A $30.50 charity donation has yet to be received – Vaughan presented a check to the Sky Valley Food Bank from out Charity Auction for the amount of $600.00 that included the yet-to-be-received donation. Got the books updated.  Both the Savings and Checking accounts are in the green, up-to-date, and healthy

Safety Officer – The barn is mostly down with the bottom half of the building landing in the road, the top apparently did not fall directly down either.  We need to be careful around the barn as always. [Bryan mentioned the Rangers cleaned up the mess, but we need to be careful of the possibility of nails in the road.  The road has subsequently been swept with magnets, hopefully picking up the nails. Thank you to the Rangers and helpers for making the road passable! Some information was shared about using the top road as an access to the flying field and the muddy conditions making this a slippery proposition.  For now recommendation is to use the “normal” lower access road.]

Field Manager – The field is very wet so new projects are on hold until the field dries out. Project proposals are accepted anytime.  [A short list is being developed now and will be discussed at a future meeting.]

Newsletter Editor – According to Ryan at the corner store, the newsletter is being picked up like hotcakes – seems local neighbors are interested in our hobby and the club.  He requested more copies of the January issue. Helps build relations with the community. Please send photos, opinions about kits, pieces parts & models, articles, etc. to for the newsletter – Thank you!

Website – Same request as the newsletter for use on our website. Appreciate any pics from our Freeze-In.  Maybe have the content in the newsletter and website the same or similar. [Chet and Ron sent photos to Mark from the Freeze-In and current Barn condition.]


Mark mentioned that there was no new action of past business items and the attending club members already passed the meeting minutes as published.


Cherry Tree Project - Mark thanked Bruce and Ben for dealing with the cherry tree and the aftermath involved.  Made the burning of the material by Chet, Mark, etc. easy.  As time and conditions permit, Mark encouraged members to help with the burning of the scrap.  Just make sure the fire is out/contained before leaving.  Just be smart about it

Fire Extinguisher - A question was asked about the availability of a fire extinguisher at the field.  One member mentioned having one in his truck.  One thought there was one in the storage container.  Mark volunteered to make sure that we have one at the frequency board.  It was mentioned to be sure the extinguisher weas the correct type (fire and chemical) as well as properly charged,  It will be verified before placing it at the frequency board.

FAA Rules and Information on Change- The FAA Remote ID and 107 testing was brought up.  Chet was on the AMA website and many had watched the AMA podcast. It was suggested that it will be likely 2-1/2 to 3 years before any change will be needed.  Also, it was mentioned that we are required to have 2 pieces of info with us whenever/wherever we fly: FAA ID and AMA membership ID.  It was also mentioned that not every model we have needed to be registered.  We can have our operation as usual, since our club field is unclassified.  AMA will apparently take care of registering us with the FAA.  Chet will continue to stay on top of this.

Chet Appointed as the AMA Liaison -Mark appointed Chet Blake as the club AMA Liaison Advisor, bringing news of FAA/AMA policy changes.  Also keeping track of training/testing requirements going forward.  He accepted the continued role. Thank You, Chet!

Event Calendar -

Mark went over the proposed calendar of events and included a January 8th Freeze-In 2022.  Mark mentioned the events are much the same as last year, with the dates corrected for 20212.  Also, a new Heli day has been added.  A motion was made and seconded to accept the proposed schedule for our 2021 season. There was very little additional discussion and the motion passed unanimously.

Freeze-In   January 9, 2021 10:00 AM - Club Field Rescheduled from 1/2/21 due to forecasted  high winds.

Night Fly   April 24th    6:00 PM 

Work Party  May 1st     10:00 AM

NW Model Hobby Expo Postponed due to Covid 19 – maybe December Swap Meet and Expo later in 2022 Please check out for details

Gliders chasing Thermals     May 15th   10:00AM

Floats & Boats  June 5th    10:00 AM

Builder’s Competition   Club Meeting June 9th—date may change due to Covid-19 requirements. 

Heli Day    June 29th   10:00 AM

Fun Fly July 17th  10:00 AM 

Quads/FPV/Cars/Trucks even planes and gliders   July 31st 10:00 AM 

Annual Charity Auction  August 7th   10:00 AM 

Combat  September 11th  10:00 AM 

Floats & Boats 2    September 25th  10:00 AM 

Rebuilder’s Contest October 13th 6:30 PM  Regular Meeting Night

Night Fly 2 October 9th  6:00 PM    

Christmas Party December 4th   Time TBD


Annual Charity Auction - Mark made a motion to officially make our annual auction the club annual charity auction.  The motion was seconded. The idea is to keep the charity giving in the forefront of the event.  In the discussion, the history was brought up – originally proposed and implemented in 2004.  Later, in 2006 the proceeds were awarded to the Sky Valley Food Bank as well as the Special Olympics, Children’s Hospital (proposed by member Dave Bell, auctioning his plane) and more. Over the years, personal items were also auctioned off, but this proposal would have only items and services auctioned with the proceeds going to the club charity, Sky Valley Food Bank presently.  Over the past 15 years we have donated $13071. [Three years ago, our funds helped repair the Sky Valley Food Bank freezer, saving the Holiday season food donations!] The motion passed unanimously.

Ranger Gift Cards -A Question was asked if the gift cards were awarded to the rangers yet.  The cards were purchased, but not given out as yet.  Bryan and Mark will get these to the rangers on Saturday, January 16th.

Projects and Work Party - Mark mentioned that we should think of projects we think need to be done this year. Please let Bryan or Mark know of your thoughts.  A list is being developed that currently included barn cleanup, recovering the barn area for parking, and power line (see below).  Also mentioned was adding stone to the hill to make access easier.  Dart mentioned it is too wet now, but could be done, apparently not a tough task (for him!).

Power Pole -[An apology for sending info about the current line was active (live).  It is NOT! Ron] The scouts are currently planning to keep the power line active in a newer location near the Chet & Mark building, complete with a light.  Details are yet to be revealed, but the scouts are leading the planning of this activity.  Some mentioned it would be nice to have power at the site again.

Parking Issues - The Freeze-In exemplified the need to increase the parking areas.  It was requested that we do not use the grassy area past the shelter to the south as a turn around area to prevent ruts and damage to the grass.  It was agreed to move some of the benches in the crushed stone area so a turn around can be made near the frequency board.  Mentioned, please park according to the vehicles already parked.  Weekday guys seem to park pointing to the Northwest to make leaving easier.  Weekend parking has used pulling in directly facing the Southwest. Mentioned before is the slippery slope coming up and down the hill – be cautious.


Announcements/Discussions/Info Sharing:

FAA 107 License “Study” Group - Mark asked about interest in a study group.  This was discussed, but no motion as yet.  Keep tuned for this opportunity if interested.  Mentioned was the FAA map reading and nomenclature as challenges for RC fliers, since the ideas are new to some of us.

Flite Test Models and Videos - New to some of us is the Flitetest “family”.   As their website puts it “From Drones, to Fixed Wing RC, to Full Scale Flight, this is your one-stop gateway to the most exciting hobby in the world!” You can get info on their website about models like the P38 and the Versa-wing.  Anyway take a look at a new way to get started in RC here:

Projects/Demos for our Club Meetings - Mark invited us to think of projects and demos we could do at our club meetings.  Keep up the attendance and interest. Send ideas to any of the club officers [the tank battle and slo flyer presentations last year were lots of fun]

Merit Badge and Programs for the Scouts - Ron asked about implementing a program to work with the scouts. Bryan mentioned that he had a conversation with Don, one of the Rangers about this topic.  Bryan, Don and Ron will get together and present a proposal to the club at a future meeting.

Scouts – Amazing Landlords - Many commented that we are  S O    L U C K Y!  Yes, the scouts have helped us to make a great RC facility on their property, helping us physically, with equipment, with ideas, with materials – WOW doesn’t quite cover it.  Many thanks to you scouts, Rangers and support folks.  What an example for us to follow!

Ron’s Saito 65 engine - Yes, rescued from the barn wall after spending months on display, was made available on the table in the “glass house”. Thanks, guys! .. it just needs a couple of push rods, maybe a few other things…


PROGRAM: Holiday Season Show & Tell

Mark showed his Mini-Tundra with the graffiti scheme.  Chet mentioned these fly well, but need to be observant of the wind speed because they are small – no AS3X stabilization either.

Bruce showed his Inkjet Creative Media which makes decals like the roundels he plans to use on his Spitfire model.   It has an adhesive back and once printed, a clear coat can be applied to preserve the decal before installing on the model.  We’ll have to see his Spitfire when done!

Steve showed his Ham Radio License Manual

Some discussion was held about “special” trophies and awards for members who have stood out.  Bryan mentioned a yard dart theme idea and rotating the trophy to the most deserving member, possibly monthly…