President Pro-Tem Vince Bell called the meeting to order at 6:35

President Pro-Tem Bell introduced the club officers:

President – Don Bailey -  Resigned as President to move out of state

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Mark Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

9 Club Members were in attendance, with no guests

Motion was made to accept minutes as posted – Motion was passed



Vice President – Vince reported that the Night Fly that we had after last month’s meeting went very well. The weather held and was not  as cold as it was last year.  It was a great event.

Secretary – We are currently at 63 members  with Ben and Bruce joining last meeting Chris and Andy also joining.

Treasurer –   Funds are in good shape with all bills paid

Safety Officer – Dart Reported that there has been no safety issues or reports

Field Manager – Bryan  was able to make our Zoom meeting and he reported that with Jay they will get some fertilizer for our winter feeding. He also ask for help in getting the canopies down and folded up for storage till spring.

Newsletter Editor –Ron was unable to attend the meeting but he is always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.



Chet brought up the lighting planned for the container.  Nothing has been done as of yet.  Still on the task list to get done.

Steve Anderson put up a new windsock at the south end of the runway.

With the weather starting to turn and few windy days already its time to take down the awnings, maybe next Saturday?  Mentioned that there was not reason it could not come down after the meeting.  

Crawler track is coming along well. If there is anything that you wish to add run it by a board member but there should be no problem getting it approved.

There was a motion to set 2021 dues using the same numbers as in the past year. Motion was voted on and passed. Dues structure will stay the same as in 2020.

Don said his official goodbye as he is moving to Idaho at the end of the month. Thanks Don for all you have done for the club.

With COVID 19 still hanging around and wanting keep our social distancing a motion was made to cancel the 2020 Christmas party. Motion passed. Hopefully next year will be better.

Nomination for 2021 Club Officers

President: Mark Weeks

VP: Bryan Reightly

Safety Officer: Chet Blake

Secretary: Ron Swift

Treasurer: Dart Sharp

Special Service award:  Mark Weeks  -  Jim Stewart  -  Steve Anderson



There was much discussion regarding how to conduct the vote in December.

With the COVID pandemic number on the rise again, it was decided by the attendees of the meeting and the Board that we should slightly differ from the normal voting process.

Mark will send out a email to all members letting them know that all nominations will need to be in to the board by  November 29th. This is ten days before the December Meeting. Mark Will email all members the list of candidates for candidate voting. The Voting period will open on December 2st 1 week before the meeting.

We will be using Survey monkey to make voting easy and secure.  We will send the link one week before the meeting also.

The below verbiage is from the meeting when we allowed e-mail voting and as I hope you can see we are still abiding by the wishes from the membership while dealing with COVID.

“It was decided that an email notice of nominations for the 5 Executive Board Positions plus the Special Service Award will be emailed to the membership at least 5 days before the date of the election. The entitled voter MUST Reply to ALL (Meaning all 5 Executive Board members) by 6:30pm 24 hrs. before the election. In doing so the legitimate vote(s) will be counted on election night.”

Nominations for Officers:

President: Mark Weeks

VP: Bryan Reightly, Paul Dibble

Safety Officer: Chet Blake

Secretary: Ron Swift

Treasurer: Dart Sharp

Special Service award:  Mark Weeks  -  Jim Stewart  -  Steve Anderson


Field Needs a Fall Fertilizer treatment, Volunteers?: Bruce has volunteered to spread Fertilizer. Bryan will get in touch with him once its on site.

Presentation of the Budget: The budget was presented and after a couple of adjustments, adding some extra funds for porta Potti-Potty maintenance. Also $1200.00 was added to the field maintenance portion of the budget to address parking needs and a possible turnaround.

The Cherry Tree topic was discussed and how would the best way to remove it:   Byran will check with the scouts to see if they have a cherry picker or some ideas as to how best to drop it down. We also talked about hiring a tree guy to drop it down.

Bryan will also check on used Porti-Potty cost and an ADA size cost, and report back to us.

NW Model Hobby Expo News: It looks like the EXPO has been postponed to May.  Ron will keep us informed as time get closer or changes occur.



Mark brought up question regarding recovering  Balsa that has had some oil that had gotten underneath and what was the best way to clean.  By far the agreement was to use a product called K2r Spot remover. It may take a couple time but it sure seems to do the trick.  Other ideas from the internet were Peroxide and Baking soda and Isopropyl and baking soda.