President Don Bailey called the meeting to order at 4:03pm

President Bailey introduced the club officers:

President – Don Bailey

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Mark Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

20 Club Members were in attendance, with 2 guests and 2 new members Bruce and Ben Guenzler

Motion was made to accept minutes as posted - Passed



Vice President –  Last month we had the Combat event and Boats and Floats, both events we well attended and great. Plaques were handed out to the Combat winners, Scott 1st, Dean 2nd, Ron and Tom tied for third.  Octobers events are Rebuilders contest and Night Fly.

Secretary – We are currently at 59 members  with 2 more joining this meeting.

Treasurer –   Funds are in good shape with all bills paid

Safety Officer – Nothing new to report. Everyone is doing a good job watching out for each other.

Field Manager – Porti Potties – Do not put anything but TP in them. - There were issues last cleanout

Newsletter Editor –Ron is always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website. We have a classified section if you wish to sell anything.



Gravel south of container and extend driveway, Dart believes that we will need 6 loads of rock, he also presented a price on both truck time and gravel.  Motion made and seconded to go ahead with gravel delivery. Scheduled for the September 19th.

A new windsock is needed for the south end of the field.  Mark will get new pipe and install.

There has been some questions regarding the need of a control line area to be located at the south end near the container. After discussion there is not enough interest at this time to proceed.

Special thanks to Mark Weeks for spending the entire day brush hogging the open field area beyond the runway.  He did point out that it would not be possible without Ranger Dave and the use of  the Brush-Hog.  Thanks to all.

Octobers meeting does not look good for Alfys Pizza so a motion was made to have the meeting on October 17th at 4:00 pm.  This is the same day as the night fly so turnout should be good. Motion was passed.

Steve Higgins and Bryan have been talking about adding lights and a solar charger to the container.  A motion was made to spend no m0re that $500.00.  Motion passed

The Chalk center line has been added to the field.  Thanks Chet and Byran.

The need for a work party was brought up.  It is scheduled for September 19th to coincide with the gravel delivery. Mark will send out a e-mail.  



Chet brought up the lighting planned for the container.  Nothing has been done as of yet.  Still on the task list to get done.

Steve Anderson put up a new windsock at the south end of the runway.

With the weather starting to turn and few windy days already its time to take down the awnings, maybe next Saturday?  Mentioned that there was not reason it could not come down after the meeting.  

Crawler track is coming along well. If there is anything that you wish to add run it by a board member but there should be no problem getting it approved.

There was a motion to set 2021 dues using the same numbers as in the past year. Motion was voted on and passed. Dues structure will stay the same as in 2020.

Don said his official goodbye as he is moving to Idaho at the end of the month. Thanks Don for all you have done for the club.

With COVID 19 still hanging around and wanting keep our social distancing a motion was made to cancel the 2020 Christmas party. Motion passed. Hopefully next year will be better.

Nomination for 2021 Club Officers

President: Mark Weeks

VP: Bryan Reightly

Safety Officer: Chet Blake

Secretary: Ron Swift

Treasurer: Dart Sharp

Special Service award:  Mark Weeks  -  Jim Stewart  -  Steve Anderson


PROGRAM: -  Rebuilders contest. Dean Apel shared his 1940's Old Buzzard,   Jim Stewart shared his Watco Bi-Plane.  Both entries are very well constructed and it was very hard to pick a winner. Jim Stewart ended up taking 1st with Dean 2nd


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mark shared that Bryan is going into the hospital for a tune up and we wish him a quick recovery.