President Don Bailey called the meeting to order at 6:30

President Bailey introduced the club officers:

President – Don Bailey

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Mark Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

17 Club Members were in attendance, with one guest Jason Milsom

Motion to accept minutes as posted Seconded and Passed



Vice President – The Gliders event and Builders contests along with the Boats and Floats and the Fun Fly went off very well. Up coming events will be the Club’s Auction on 7/18 starting at 10am. Then on Aug 1st will have our “Play Day” event where Cars, Quads, Planes will be show cased.  Plaques we handed out for the last event winners

Secretary – We are currently at 57 members

Treasurer – Finances are in good shape

Safety Officer – Everyone is being safe and practicing social distancing guidelines

Field Manager - There has been a new Gas-Propane storage container installed, the first aid kit box has been replaced.  Still working on the solar battey system for inside container.

Newsletter Editor – always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website Some new areas being developed to help with new members

OLD BUSINESS:  The board has lifted the temporary membership moratorium, the Web site has been updated and it looks like we will have a couple of new members soon.

Mark and Dart re-configured the car track to add some hairpin turns and hopefully it will help improve our driving skills.  There is still more to be done

Jim Stewart brought his tractor with brush hog out last week and did some field mowing. He had to stop due to wet

Ron Swift reported on the Summer Swap meet that due to Covid 19 has been rescheduled for September19th.

Mark brought up the resent letter from the AMA regarding the FAA and then new proposed rules. He made a motion to have the club look into what will be involved in having our field registered and a height variance with the FAA. Chet Blake was volunteered and accepted.  He will keep us informed as he finds things out.


Topic of adding a centerline down the runway to assist with landing was brought up.  Idea would be to locate a line spreader and use lime.  A motion was made and approved.

The parking area will be needing a new layer of gravel this year as a maintenance item. Discussion regarding costs and timing followed, It also was noted that there is a soft area that has popped up in the parking area and it needs filling at the same time.   Dart will head up gathering costs, and timing of the installation. And report back next meeting.  

The Tank Pit and crawler track are really taking shape, Dart and Steve Anderson have taken on the tank area as their project.  There has been a couple loads for dirt and rock delivered to be used for these projects.  Thanks goes out to Dart for the materials.  Just a reminder when it comes to projects like these if you have a idea please share or jump right in and lend a hand.

The Website is undergoing some changes adding in the Members only area a Member Bio area with Members Photos as it should help both new and old members know who is who. Any other ideas of what you would like to see drop Mark a email.

The Mowing sign-up sheet is online. – seems like the same few are signing up please look at the available dates and sign-up.  Its easy to do and Jay has made a simple guide to the mower and process and placed it with the mower.

Dart brought up making sure that we are using our call-outs.  With our population getting older and harder of hearing we want to make sure we are being heard and that we are making our intentions clear and understood.

The Porta potties are in need of pumping out Bryan has reached out (during the meeting) to get them done.

We are always looking for more chairs to have under the awnings.  Please watch Garage sales etc for them. Ron Swift may have a line on some that may be able to be donated to the club.

The need for a small mower to help maintain the upper car area was brought up.  There is not enough room to use the ridding mower.  After discussion a motion was made to purchase a push self/propelled mower for no more than $140.00. Motion passed and Ron Swift volunteered to take care of it

With the club auction coming up Ron reminded everyone to check their hangers, find stuff that they may want to sell or donate.  Mark will send out reminders to both the membership and other club contacts.  Ron will be the auctioneer again as he has done such a great job in the past.

PROGRAM: -  Tanks   Dart showed off a few of his tanks and talked about the new Tank Pit, Other members like Steve and Chet also brought out their tanks and showed off their capabilities. Our newest Member Jason Milsom also had a few tanks that he shared and one that he had built. This should be another great  addition to the club for when the weather is not conducive to flying

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A special thanks to Ron Beba for hauling away some of the metal junk.


Respectfully submitted

Mark Weeks

Club Secretary