President Don Bailey called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

President Bailey introduced the club officers:

President – Don Bailey

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Mark Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

18 Club Members were in attendance. Perry, Royland, Jeffery and Steve were welcomed as guests and attended the meeting.


Vice President – Vince reported that the Freeze-in scheduled for the 4th was moved to the 11th due to menacing weather reports. All that attended had a good time despite the rain.

Secretary – Mark reported we have 51 members at the beginning of the meeting, more to come.

Treasurer –  Vaughan reported that our finances are in good shape.

Safety Officer –  Nothing new to report. Everyone is being safe. Just a reminder that just off the runway its really wet.

Field Manager – Nothing new. Bryan and Jay will get the mower and due a tune up.

Newsletter Editor –always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


The freeze in was moved to January 11th due to weather. As it turned out the day turned out pretty nice and some flying was done. That being said the 11th we will have it rain snow or shine.

NWMH Expo is January 25 and 26 with setup beginning on the 24th. A sign-up sheet was passed around to man our club booth.

The board met and has come up with our planned event schedule for 2020

Don reported on some of the projects the board will be taking on

The Field Safety rules have not been updated since we moved to Hanner’s field so they will be reworked and presented to membership for approval in the upcoming months. One addition to safety rules that was discussed was posting on the frequency board a prohibition on 72mHz usage during the hours of the Floats-n-Boats event.

Another project will be revising the bylaws to clean them up and make current. Some areas that need attention will be absentee voting, there was some talk regarding how motions can be made from the membership. Very lively decision occurred. It was brought up that after changed are proposed all members will have a vote to approve or reject said changes.

It was decided that Plaques will be awarded to winners of contests and events in lieu of cash. Some events may have a small entry fee to help defer costs.

Field projects; car track finishing up, Crawler track planning and setting up, solar power for the container with battery charging station. Large cherry tree removal and much


2020 membership dues must me paid before the end of the March business meeting to avoid penalty fee of $25.00.

Ron Swift shared that one of our members go a little to close to a propane heater and his clothes caught on-fire. He is OK and doing well due to some quick thinking by his fellow Buzzards

Ron also reported on the NWMHE.  They roughly has 2300 attendees on Saturday alone. It went very well lots of swap-meet items, car races, Drones, Indoor flying.  He has the Fairgrounds booked for next year and they are working on adding more vendors.

Phil Tallman from the AMA flew in on Sunday to visit and have a round table discussion with some of the other AMA members.  He talked some abut the FAA proposed rules, answered questions and even got talked into participating in the static judging.  It was really nice to have the AMA presence at the event. Don also got to spend some time talking to him about Aero tow, and club issues.

May 2nd we are going to have a work party. There will be an agenda and some guidance as to the projects that we will tackle coming up before the event.  We need everyone’s help. There is a project for everyone no matter your skill level. Please participate.

The large Cherry tree by the frequency board is rotting and needs to be cut down.  Plan is to do it before it starts sprouting leaves.   We will keep everyone informed.

Die Hard RC has lost it field and many conversations have occurred regarding a possible influx of new members, how to handle different flying styles, etc.  We believe that with the Bylaws and safety rules in place everybody should be able to coexist.  

The updated safety rules should be out soon for the membership to view and comment on.  More to come

The board is also updating a couple of the bylaws that have been out of date.  Also more to come.

Vaughan reported that a friend has some planes or RC stuff would like to donate it to the club. He will report back when he finds out more info or they show up at his house with a bunch of goodies.

It was asked when we were going to purchase a new mower after all spring is coming a prices will be on the rise soon.  The board nominated Paul Dibble to head up the purchase and to find the “best price for the Best Mower p[possible.”

Show and Tell:  Don brought in his Bugaboo to share. He resized to 150% to allow for controls to be added.


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  AMA Jamboree will be held June 5, 6 & 7 at the Red Apple Flyers field.

ADJOURNMENT:    8:10pm

Respectfully submitted by:

Mark Weeks

Club Secretary