President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:38 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

8 Club Members were in attendance – No Guests or Visitors were in attendance

Motion to accept minutes as posted, seconded and passed.


Vice President – Vince reported that we had 2 events since last meeting. Floats and Boats and the Annual Charity Auction. The Fall Night Fly is coming up Sat. Oct 26.

Secretary – Chet reported 45 combines members (includes Full, Family and Jr. members)

Treasurer –Vaughan reported that finances are in good shape and briefly touched on the projected 2020 budget. It will be presented at the Nov meeting for membership approval.

Safety Officer – Don said nothing new to report. All seems to be going well on the Safety front.

Field Manager –Neither Bryan nor Jay were available to make this meeting. Mark reported that Jay has installed a post at the south west end of the container for the solar panel and is currently looking for inexpensive LED lights for the container interior. Mowing appears to be going well. There might be one or 2 slots left in the 2019 mowing schedule.

Newsletter Editor –always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


Chet and Mark went to NWSAM Championship at Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers Aug 23nd to check it out and to watch and support Ward and Don.  The Wenatchee wind was not favorable to flying and many flights were canceled both Saturday and Sunday.

Safety - Need for a first aid kit outside of the container, most likely on Frequency board. Motion made, seconded and passed to order a First Aid Kit and mount it.

Nominations for new officers start next month. Start thinking about volunteering.

Meeting day had to change to Monday due to issues at Alfys. Currently they have no help for Tuesday nights and will not be open Tuesdays until further notice. Hopefully only thru next month.

Boats event changed to Sunday Sept 22 due to conflict with Scouts.

Fall is here and will bring wind and showers. Car track is ready for those days, bring your car/truck and enjoy the hard work of those involved in the track and driver’s stand.

Dean found a place to order the heavy wall drain spout to build gremlins. It has to be a 10 piece order appx. $13.6 each plus tax. We are going to place an order. Who would like to get a build going for next year’s combat event? Contact Mark if you’re interested in buying a length.

Tim mentioned that he is moving to the Roy area and of the 20th he’ll probably not be at the field any longer. We wish him well in his new career and thank him for his years as a member of the Club.

Chet mentioned that Mark did a GREAT job at CD’ing the Combat Event. Welcome our newest Contest Director!

In March we tabled a motion to accept proxy votes for those who do not attend meetings. The motion was made which brought much discussion both pro and con. After checking the by-laws, there is no provision one way or another as to the method of voting but it does state in Section 7, Membership Categories…

a.  Full Member: Full Members have full voting and flying rights. Full flying rights for new members are established after passing Safety/Checkout flight requirements as established by the Executive Committee.

b.  Family Member; Family Members of a full member may join, but only the original full member will have voting rights, and the family member may not hold an Executive Committee position. A Family member has unrestricted flying rights after passing Safety/Checkout flight requirements as established by the Executive Committee.

c.  Student Member: Student Member must be attending school full time and must have a sponsoring Full Member listed on their membership card. Student Members have no voting rights, may not hold an Executive Committee position and must have a Full Member present during all flying activities at this club’s field(s).

d.  Junior Member: Junior Member must be under 18 and must have a sponsoring Full Member listed on their membership card. A Junior Member will have no voting rights, may not hold an Executive Committee position and must have their sponsoring Full Member present during all flying activities at this club’s field(s).

It was decided that an email notice of nominations for the 5 Executive Board Positions plus the Special Service Award will be emailed to the membership at least 5 days before the date of the election. The entitled voter MUST Reply to ALL (Meaning all 5 Executive Board members) by 6:30pm 24 hrs. before the election. In doing so the legitimate vote(s) will be counted on election night.

Steve Stecko commented on the Combat Event that it looked really fun and is wanting to build a Gremlin type combat plane. He’s looking for any info on the build, wing dimensions and profile and fuselage info. Any help to him would be appreciated.


Mark asked for input as to the events this year. All good, too many too few? Please let a Board member know your thoughts.

One comment on events came up. Don’t change them. If the day cannot be met for weather or whatever reason, cancel it don’t reschedule the date. This will come up for membership ideas and possibly vote.

October opens up nominations for the Executive Board positions. Nominations will be open until the actual vote in the December meeting.

Nominations to date…

President – Don Bailey

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Marl Weeks

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Dart Sharp

Special Service Award – Jim Stewart, Bryan Reightley, Steve Anderson

Chet asked about the First Aid kit that is supposed to be mounted. Mark will get it from Jay or have it mounted. It needs to be at immediate access in case of a severe injury.

The subject of Builder’s Contest entries came up and the validity of entering ARFs. A Motion was made to disallow ARFs from the Builder’s Contest. Seconded and passed.

Dart asked about the services to the Porta Potties. He feels the frequency isn’t enough. Mark will look into getting them serviced quarterly.


The Rebuilder’s Contest that is usually held on the Oct meeting was rescheduled for the Nov. 12 meeting due to the extremely low attendance and the issue of the temporary Monday meeting.

Marl talked to the Alfy’s manager and they have high hope we can return to our usual second Tuesday of the month starting in November.


There was a question a couple months ago by Gerald Gunnels as to when the Barnyard Buzzards became a Club. Doug Hoff (one of the founding members) researched and found that the Club formed in the Spring of 1990. Thanks Doug!

ADJOURNMENT:   7:14 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary