President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

17 Club Members were in attendance – 2 guest were present, Larry Correa and David Michaels

Motion to accept minutes as posted, seconded and passed.


Vice President – Vince reported that it was reported that the Fun Fly on July 13 went well and everyone enjoyed it. Our Combat event is Sept 7 and Floats n Boats event is Sept 21 at Hughes Lake.

Secretary – Chet reported 45 members

Treasurer –Vaughan has created an expense ledger for anyone submitting receipts for reimbursement. This helps weed out items that might be on a combined receipt and asks what the item is and for what purpose. All to help keep the books in good order!

Safety Officer – Don reported no safety issues everything seems to be going well, no incidences to report. He did mention about if you put a plane down in the field(s) be sure to use the buddy system. No matter what the crashed plane cost, it’s not worth a life. Make sure someone knows where you are and has a working phone. Don warned everyone to stay away from the barn it seems to be leaning more. Chet mentioned that one of the vertical beams we’ve been watching has finally fallen off the structure.

Field Manager –Bryan reported that he and Jay installed the floor vents in the container and mentioned that the rear rails are attached to the car track drivers stand thanks to Ron, Larry, Jon and Tom. Jay has plans to add stairs. Bryan also mentioned that Jay has found a source where the Club can buy Geotech underlayment for road by the foot instead of buying a bulk roll. He will investigate more.

Newsletter Editor –always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


Mark made note that the container ventilator install looked great and seems to be helping.

Our lawn mower is showing signs of wear and the Club should be considering option as to buying a new mower since it is the single most relied on piece of equipment we have. It is 14 yrs old, went thru a flood, a rebuild and served a lot of use. A Motion was made, seconded and passed to set aside a max of $3000 for a new mower when sales and proper width models might be available.

A couple months ago the cost of the Freeze-In patches were quoted at $4.00 ea. as stated in the minutes. Then it was said that they were $5. This was brought up to just clarify that the Board needs the correct info and if the initial info that was voted on is found to be incorrect, it needs to be brought up again and voted on. Absorbing the extra charge is not a huge deal, it just needs to be presented properly and keep everyone on the same page. (Just as a side note, this bill is paid). The Board also stated that all bills be presented as full amounts and no deductions for money owed be taken out. Keep those transactions separate. i.e. If submitting event revenues or dues and the Club owes that member money for receipts turned in, do not deduct from that total. Keep each transaction separate to keep everything transparent.

The subject of Event Place prizes came up and there are many ideas as to who likes what form of prize for placing in the event. Some like money or gift cards, some like certificates, some like both. It was Motioned, seconded and passed that a survey will be sent out to each member for their input and a follow up discussion at a meeting to decide how this will be handled going forward. Mark and Board will work on a survey and get results in the upcoming months.

Jim Stewart had graciously loaned his tractor with brush hog and time. He and Mark brush hogged about 4.5 acres. This was done over 3 days. Mark will put up the pics on the Face Book page and emails will be sent out with pics to ensure those without face book will see the progress. This is a HUGE win for the Club. From Marks work last year it was determined that the field dries out faster and it was noticed that where the heavy brush was, hay type grass is starting to force its way in. If machinery from the Scouts is available this fall, it might be brush hogged again or we might rent a tractor/brush hog again like last year. MANY THANKS to Jim for his tractor and services. This will pay off Big Time!

The Porta-Potties need maintained more often. It’s time we step up and service them more often. Mark asked for opinions about moving them, keeping them there and/or building a blind. The general consensus was to keep them there but service more often as they should be. Most likely 2 to 2.5 months in the summer and less frequent in the winter. Bryan will contact the service to get it serviced.

Ron Beba brought a friend and fellow worker, Clint Harris who has access to quite a few old or unused computer Lithium Ion batteries. There has been many projects done with these and a solar panel to build a battery bank to power LED lighting or run an inverter to produce 120 VAC. Clint has done experiments with these with good results. Ron will get a few and see what we can do to build a bank for the container lighting.

A motion was made and passed that the Fun Fly placement awards be plaques. A picture could be added to certificate with the winner and plane. This will certainly be a continually improving project so results may vary as events move along.  


Mark mentioned that Horizon Hobby and the AMA have partnered to get people started in model aviation and calling it flight school. Buy a qualifying plane, get 3 months free AMA and possibly hooked up to a Club for instruction.

Mark once again thanked Ron Swift, Larry Correa, John Rennert and Tom Fixel for their work on installing the car track drivers stand railings. Well Done!

We still need 2 more flight tables. Chet bought the supplies and ready to start kitting them to build at the field.

Mark reminded everyone that if they move a flight table, Please return it to the original spot when done.

It has been noticed that everyone seems to be doing a pretty decent job of using the flight stations. Police each other and politely remind someone if the aren’t using one.

Mark brought up the fact that Jim Stewart donated his tractor w/brush hog and time to clear about 4.5 acres east of the runway. A motion was made, passed and seconded to compensate Jim for fuel and tractor use.

Mark presented Ron Swift with his 2 ARF awards from the Builder’s Contest and Chet presented Mike Small 3rd Place, Dart Sharp 2nd Place and asked Dart to give Grant Schatz his 1st  place award. Chet also thanked Vince Bell for the work he’s doing on the certificates for the Club. They look great!


Vince brought his combat Gremlin and talked about having planes ready to go at the event. Last year’s even was plagues with many planes that  didn’t get running in the 2 minute window and slowed things down a lot. It was a wet day anyway so this year we’re having the combat event in early Sept this year in hopes of better weather than last year. There will be a 2 minute ready and in the air time (bonus point) and 3 minute heats with spot landing points.

David Michaels (guest) had contacted Chet via a connection with Ron Rueter about bringing some aero modeling items to the meeting to sell off. David’s goal was to go home empty handed and he accomplished that.

Jim brought a biplane kit he bought while on a bicycle event and showed the members.

Ron Swift showed Dremel type tool he bought at Harbor Freight and explained how he converted it to 12 VDC.


Arlington Eagles are having a Fun Fly Sept 1

NWSAM Championship at Wenatchee red Apple Flyers Aug 22nd thru the 25th


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary