President Mark Weeks called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

President Weeks introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger was absent due to his Birthday events. The Club wishes him a very Happy Birthday

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

15 Club Members were in attendance – 1 guest Mr. Clint Harris

Motion to accept minutes as posted, seconded and passed.


Vice President – Vince reported that the Floats n Boats went very well, a very nice day. Fun Fly is scheduled for Sat. July 13 10:00am. $5 entry fee.

Secretary – Chet reported 45 members

Treasurer –Vaughan was absent due to his Birthday Dinner and events but gave the report to the Board and the Club finances are doing good.

Safety Officer – Don reported no safety issues everything seems to be going well, no incidences to report. He did mention about plane retaining devices for large planes that need to be started and adjusted on the ground. It’s the Club’s position that if you need that type of device or rope, that it’s the pilots responsibility to have one. Don said he may make one and hang on the frequency board with a note “feel free to use, please replace when finished”.

Field Manager –Bryan reported that he and Jay are continuing work on the container. They installed a rotating ventilator and looking at different ways to install vents in front of the container to help cross ventilate it. Bryan said Jay is looking to mount a beam vertically near the back of the container to mount the solar panel on. This would allow it to be adjusted to catch the most light possible.

Newsletter Editor – Ron wasn’t there but always looking for new and event info for the newsletter.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


June 7,8 & 9 was the AMA Jamboree at Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers. Vaughan and Eric both attended. Wind was stealing the show. A lot of flying didn’t happen due to extreme winds on Sat. Vaughan reported Timmy and Dad were there from NorthWest RC and Timmy commanded the windy skies easily, not allowing them to stop him. Great pilot! A lot of advertised vendors didn’t show up. The AMA was there with Rich Hanson and Mandy. All in all, a trip to that field is a great experience.

Mark is putting together plans to build a semi-permanent wood shelter on the north end where the current awning is set. This will allow a break from bad weather when the awnings are stored for the winter. He is donating the wood, Vaughan has stated he will donate the metal roof material.

For the June 15 Floats n Boats, Len has offered his small row boat for a recovery boat and Jay has a trolling motor and battery that could possibly fit onto it. Len also has built a R/C retrieval boat with pool noodles on it to push back wayward drifting dead planes. There is mention of FPV on it also. Thanks Len and Jay!

Don talked about the recovery of Ward’s WW 2 era British Miles M.20 event. The plane went down on the final leg of test flights in the marshy area to the north, across the road. After beating the bushes for a couple hours, Don called Chet to see if he could bring his Phantom 3 quad and find it. After exhausting 2 batteries and literally no sight of it, one more quad flight with still photos was taken. Chet went over the stills at home and found the downed plane and I relatively good shape. After checking other photos for location, a Google Earth reference was made with appx. distance and direction plus GPS Coordinates. Ward and Don set out on Friday with the new info and found their plan of entry wasn’t going to work They returned Sat. morning, fresh with weed whacker, chain saw, boards to walk on and made their way to retrieve the plane. Vince had his Mavic and found the area and stayed over it doing circles so they could see exactly how close they were. Ward said he was 10 ft away and couldn’t see it due to tall growth. Don and Ward made the way out much faster – straight to the road! The plane is repairable and will fly again, hopefully at the August Scale Model event in Wenatchee.

This brings up a good point that we’ve always talked about.. when going deep into the terrain to retrieve a plane, PLEASE use the Buddy System. If possible, put your phone in a baggy if you can to keep it dry.


Mark made note that the container ventilator install looked great and seems to be helping.

Our lawn mower is showing signs of wear and the Club should be considering option as to buying a new mower since it is the single most relied on piece of equipment we have. It is 14 yrs old, went thru a flood, a rebuild and served a lot of use. A Motion was made, seconded and passed to set aside a max of $3000 for a new mower when sales and proper width models might be available.

A couple months ago the cost of the Freeze-In patches were quoted at $4.00 ea. as stated in the minutes. Then it was said that they were $5. This was brought up to just clarify that the Board needs the correct info and if the initial info that was voted on is found to be incorrect, it needs to be brought up again and voted on. Absorbing the extra charge is not a huge deal, it just needs to be presented properly and keep everyone on the same page. (Just as a side note, this bill is paid). The Board also stated that all bills be presented as full amounts and no deductions for money owed be taken out. Keep those transactions separate. i.e. If submitting event revenues or dues and the Club owes that member money for receipts turned in, do not deduct from that total. Keep each transaction separate to keep everything transparent.

The subject of Event Place prizes came up and there are many ideas as to who likes what form of prize for placing in the event. Some like money or gift cards, some like certificates, some like both. It was Motioned, seconded and passed that a survey will be sent out to each member for their input and a follow up discussion at a meeting to decide how this will be handled going forward. Mark and Board will work on a survey and get results in the upcoming months.

Jim Stewart had graciously loaned his tractor with brush hog and time. He and Mark brush hogged about 4.5 acres. This was done over 3 days. Mark will put up the pics on the Face Book page and emails will be sent out with pics to ensure those without face book will see the progress. This is a HUGE win for the Club. From Marks work last year it was determined that the field dries out faster and it was noticed that where the heavy brush was, hay type grass is starting to force its way in. If machinery from the Scouts is available this fall, it might be brush hogged again or we might rent a tractor/brush hog again like last year. MANY THANKS to Jim for his tractor and services. This will pay off Big Time!

The Porta-Potties need maintained more often. It’s time we step up and service them more often. Mark asked for opinions about moving them, keeping them there and/or building a blind. The general consensus was to keep them there but service more often as they should be. Most likely 2 to 2.5 months in the summer and less frequent in the winter. Bryan will contact the service to get it serviced.

Ron Beba brought a friend and fellow worker, Clint Harris who has access to quite a few old or unused computer Lithium Ion batteries. There has been many projects done with these and a solar panel to build a battery bank to power LED lighting or run an inverter to produce 120 VAC. Clint has done experiments with these with good results. Ron will get a few and see what we can do to build a bank for the container lighting.

A motion was made and passed that the Fun Fly placement awards be plaques. A picture could be added to certificate with the winner and plane. This will certainly be a continually improving project so results may vary as events move along.  


In lieu of a program we had Show and Tell.

Jim Stewart brought his build project of an Old Schools Model Robinhood 25. He showed the wing build and fuselage. He mentioned that the kit originally had 2 different thicknesses of ribs so he called the mfg and they sent the proper size so both sides of the wing would be the same. He’s going to alter the battery hatch to accommodate a radial engine cowling. Nice work!

Don Bailey brought his Leprechaun glider. Don has built this with 2 options, either wench draw launch or a self powered 25cc removable pod that he designed. The model is approx 5 lb. The wing span isn’t extremely wide as in most large gliders but the cord is extremely deep with under camber built into the wings. He covered the bottoms first using Mod Podge to secure the under camber Sig Coverall to rib caps and then glued the covering from the top. His plan is to possibly maiden it in a couple weeks. Beautiful Model!


Keep in mind the deer fly issues as the summer heats up.

ADJOURNMENT    8:05 pm

Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary