Vice President Vince Bell called the meeting to order at 6:31 PM

Vice President Bell introduced the club officers:

President – Mark Weeks not able to attend due to recent surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Vice President – Vince Bell

Secretary – Chet Blake

Treasurer – Vaughan Houger

Safety Officer – Don Bailey

19 Club Members were in attendance

Motion to accept minutes, seconded and passed.


Vice President –Glider event went very well, good weather. Don says keep it the 3rd Sat of May, it works well. Winners were – 1st place Bryan Reightley, 2nd Grant Schatz, 3rd Eric Bell. Floats n Boats coming up June 15 & Fun Fly July 13

Secretary – Chet reported 45 members

Treasurer –Vaughan reported the Club was in good financial status.

Safety Officer – Don reported no safety issues everything seems to be going well, no incidences to report.

Field Manager –Bryan reported the container was painted by Mark, Bryan and Chet,  Car track drivers platform now has all the boarding anchored, driveway corner by the barn was cleared for truck delivery, Jay’s been working on the container flooring, there’s a new flight table, will be weed whacking Wednesday at the lake doc for the Floats n Boats. A lot of accomplishments getting done. Jay has purchased a 25 watt solar panel for container LED lighting.

Newsletter Editor – Hard copies available, always interested in pics and articles.

Webmaster – Pics, news and comments are always wanted for the website.


Mark reported that the recent work party went really well, 14 members showed up to lend a hand. Lots of projects were tackled. Awning covers were installed, flight table was built, debris moved out of drive on north end of barn, car track railing installed, container was pressure washed, Dirt moved and grass killer spread. Chet went out Monday and applied a coat of Thompson’s Water Seal on the new flight table.

Mark asked for a motion to build 2 more flight tables. Motion made, seconded and passed. Chet will purchase wood and kit up another 2 tables in the near future.

Richard Primo donated a nearly new BBQ grill and 2 propane tanks. Perfect timing as the current is getting pretty old and quite fussy at times. Thank you Richard!

We need to paint the container. Mark will be asking ideas for paint color. Don will paint a tree type mural so the container will be astatically pleasing. If weather holds out this might happen 5/25

The Mowing sign up sheet is on line. At the time of the meeting, there were 9 slots filled out of 25 available. Chet mentioned that he talked to the President of the Arlington Eagles and they have to pay $50 pr cutting since there are no volunteers within the club. If that is equivalent to our 25 week cut schedule that would be $1250 pr year. If we would ever have to do that membership dues would definitely go up in all categories. Please sign up and contribute to the success of our field.  

Mark mentioned that the latest Model Aviation magazine had a really good article about all members being an ambassador for the Club. Each of us represent what the community or interested people see as the Club. Be welcoming at the field or meetings, share experiences, bring someone with you, get people hooked on RC. That helps secure the future of the hobby and the Club.

Jim Stewart mentioned he has a tractor with a brush hog and could be made available in July or August to re-cut the field where Mark did and possibly extend it more. Sweet!!


June 7,8 & 9 was the AMA Jamboree at Wenatchee Red Apple Flyers. Vaughan and Eric both attended. Wind was stealing the show. A lot of flying didn’t happen due to extreme winds on Saturday Vaughan reported Timmy and Dad were there from NorthWest RC and Timmy commanded the windy skies easily, not allowing them to stop him. Great pilot! A lot of advertised vendors didn’t show up. The AMA was there with Rich Hanson and Mandy. All in all, a trip to that field is a great experience.

Mark is putting together plans to build a semi-permanent wood shelter on the north end where the current awning is set. This will allow a break from bad weather when the awnings are stored for the winter. He is donating the wood, Vaughan has stated he will donate the metal roof material.

For the June 15 Floats n Boats, Len has offered his small row boat for a recovery boat and Jay has a trolling motor and battery that could possibly fit onto it. Len also has built a R/C retrieval boat with pool noodles on it to push back wayward drifting dead planes. There is mention of FPV on it also. Thanks Len and Jay!

Don talked about the recovery of Ward’s WW 2 era British Miles M.20 event. The plane went down on the final leg of test flights in the marshy area to the north, across the road. After beating the bushes for a couple hours, Don called Chet to see if he could bring his Phantom 3 quad and find it. After exhausting 2 batteries and literally no sight of it, one more quad flight with still photos was taken. Chet went over the stills at home and found the downed plane and I relatively good shape. After checking other photos for location, a Google Earth reference was made with appx distance and direction plus GPS Coordinates. Ward and Don set out on Friday with the new info and found their plan of entry wasn’t going to work They returned Sat. morning, fresh with weed whacker, chain saw, boards to walk on and made their way to retrieve the plane. Vince had his Mavic and found the area and stayed over it doing circles so they could see exactly how close they were. Ward said he was 10 ft away and couldn’t see it due to tall growth. Don and Ward made the way out much faster – straight to the road! The plane is repairable and will fly again, hopefully at the August Scale Model event in Wenatchee.

This brings up a good point that we’ve always talked about.. when going deep into the terrain to retrieve a plane, PLEASE use the Buddy System. If possible, put your phone in a baggy if you can to keep it dry.


Vince passed out ballots and explained the voting procedure for the annual builder’s contest. There were 7 entries. Each contestant explained the build or modifications done to the model. Voting revealed the following winners..

Kit category.. 1st Place Vince Bell, 2nd Ward Emigh & 3rd Paul Dibble

ARF category 1st Place Ron Swift 2nd Ron Swift.

Vince commented that there was a nice turn out this year and Certificates will be handed out at the July 9 meeting.


There seems to be an infestation of deer fly at the south awning area. These little suckers (literally) bite. That begins a reign of itching that is unparalleled because it doesn’t easily go away. ADVICE.. bring insect repellent!

Membership count was corrected. Chet had not included Ward as our newest member bringing the total to 45.


Respectfully Submitted by Chet Blake  BBMAC Secretary